Sarah Pflug

I enjoy the finer things in life such as cheese, chocolate and pickles. I have a passion for food photography and am constantly pushing myself to expand on my knowledge and experience.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Hand Holding Vanilla Milkshake | View photo

Sarah Pflug has contributed 2013 photos since June 2017

sunny overhead of desk

Sunny Overhead Of Desk

support local businesses sign

Support Local Businesses Sign

two women beam smiles at each other

Two Women Beam Smiles At Each Other

winter piggy back rides

Winter Piggy Back Rides

typography on a sketchbook

Typography On A Sketchbook

heart candy on top of pink decorations

Heart Candy On Top Of Pink Decorations

drift wood hanging on a white door

Drift Wood Hanging On A White Door

close up of crusty spanakopita

Close Up Of Crusty Spanakopita

couple in the forest

Couple In The Forest

golfer holds club with gloves

Golfer Holds Club With Gloves

a model perched on a stool smiles

A Model Perched On A Stool Smiles

baby on a beanbag

Baby On A Beanbag

line it up

Line It Up

hand holding freshly canned salsa

Hand Holding Freshly Canned Salsa

golfer holds golf ball

Golfer Holds Golf Ball

two tubes of blue paint spill their contents

Two Tubes Of Blue Paint Spill Their Contents

young woman shopping for clothes with face mask on

Young Woman Shopping For Clothes With Face Mask On

a woman plays the piano

A Woman Plays The Piano

two hands hold up a sheet of birth control

Two Hands Hold Up A Sheet Of Birth Control

red velvet in black room

Red Velvet In Black Room

black and nude boots on red

Black And Nude Boots On Red

knitting needles neatly organized in their tool belt

Knitting Needles Neatly Organized In Their Tool Belt

a valentine's day card with a cheerful message

A Valentine's Day Card With A Cheerful Message

a bee tucks into the dark centre of a sunflower

A Bee Tucks Into The Dark centre Of A Sunflower

old white dandelions in a white jug on a wooden table

Old White Dandelions In A White Jug On A Wooden Table

minimalist retail clothing display

Minimalist Retail Clothing Display

extra chocolate chocolate cake

Extra Chocolate Chocolate Cake

fishing line and bobber

Fishing Line And Bobber

halloween dog with jack o lantern

Halloween Dog With Jack O Lantern

vintage leather suitcase

Vintage Leather Suitcase

flatlay of picnic prep

Flatlay Of Picnic Prep

truck at loading bay

Truck At Loading Bay

woman wearing pink bathing suit and flowing kaftan

Woman Wearing Pink Bathing Suit And Flowing Kaftan

artist's stationery and mannequin laid out on table

Artist's Stationery And Mannequin Laid Out On Table

backgammon and dice flat lay

Backgammon And Dice Flat Lay

yellow mushrooms on black

Yellow Mushrooms On Black

holding hands in the cold

Holding Hands In The Cold

tools and brick on workbench

Tools And Brick On Workbench

woman folding box for curb side pickup

Woman Folding Box For Curb Side Pickup

deconstructed packed lunch

Deconstructed Packed Lunch

partygoers holding 2019 helium balloons

Partygoers Holding 2019 Helium Balloons

picnic basket

Picnic Basket

black and white image of mother nursing

Black And White Image of Mother Nursing

posing in denim and leather

Posing In Denim And Leather

subscribe written under a phone and laptop

Subscribe Written Under A Phone And Laptop

bottle feeding twins

Bottle Feeding Twins

plants like photos

Plants Like Photos

a child on christmas morning

A Child On Christmas Morning

model in spring modest fashion

Model In Spring Modest Fashion

wood cutting art

Wood Cutting Art