Sarah Pflug

I enjoy the finer things in life such as cheese, chocolate and pickles. I have a passion for food photography and am constantly pushing myself to expand on my knowledge and experience.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Hand Holding Vanilla Milkshake | View photo

Sarah Pflug has contributed 1956 photos since June 2017

a child on christmas morning

A Child On Christmas Morning

a single hand holds dropper bottle

A Single Hand Holds Dropper Bottle

colorful phone

Colorful Phone

a blue kettle and mug against a blue background

A Blue Kettle And Mug Against A Blue Background

shuffleboard with wax dusting

Shuffleboard With Wax Dusting

feeding twins

Feeding Twins

so many oranges

So Many Oranges

under eye patches for skincare

Under Eye Patches For Skincare

mid-air flip

Mid-Air Flip

woman models against blue sky

Woman Models Against Blue Sky

santa adjusts glasses

Santa Adjusts Glasses

women watch eclipse

Women Watch Eclipse

three spanakopita spirals on textured plate

Three Spanakopita Spirals On Textured Plate

easter celebrations

Easter Celebrations

kettle steaming on camping stove

Kettle Steaming On Camping Stove

happy woman feeds child

Happy Woman Feeds Child

young woman with hair wrapped while on her phone

Young Woman With Hair Wrapped While On Her Phone

dice games

Dice Games

red apple on old fashioned weighing scales

Red Apple On Old Fashioned Weighing Scales

on the air microphone and hand

On The Air Microphone And Hand

the alphabet on a letter board

The Alphabet On A Letter Board

deconstructed jewelry

Deconstructed Jewelry

observation deck of cn tower

Observation Deck Of CN Tower

rose flower embroidery craft

Rose Flower Embroidery Craft

open journal with top five business ideas

Open Journal With Top Five Business Ideas

pocket knife sharpens stick

Pocket Knife Sharpens Stick

a close up of a game of chess

A Close Up Of A Game Of Chess

Spring blossom photography: Flower petals blossoming in a melting snow

Dew Drops Gather On Leaves

women peeking over yellow flowers

Women Peeking Over Yellow Flowers

packing to eat outdoors

Packing To Eat Outdoors

a pair of hands knitting

A Pair Of Hands Knitting

a silver film reel canister and a movie clapper board

A Silver Film Reel Canister And A Movie Clapper Board

colored mini candy pink yellow and purple

Colored Mini Candy Pink Yellow And Purple

black and gold facial roller

Black And Gold Facial Roller

mother feeds twins

Mother Feeds Twins

aged hands hold a fishing rod over still waters

Aged Hands Hold A Fishing Rod Over Still Waters

cloves of garlic on a black background

Cloves Of Garlic On A Black Background

embroidery project with flowers

Embroidery Project With Flowers

hands holding a sketchbook with '15% off'

Hands Holding A Sketchbook With '15% Off'

bowl of blackberries

Bowl Of Blackberries

couple making pour over coffees

Couple Making Pour Over Coffees

mum packed lunch

Mum Packed Lunch

wooden chair by pink wall

Wooden Chair By Pink Wall

silver and white keyboards flat lay

Silver And White Keyboards Flat Lay

hand holds medal

Hand Holds Medal

santa browsing for gifts

Santa Browsing For Gifts

game board with checkers pieces spread out

Game Board With Checkers Pieces Spread Out

two people share a coffee while socially distancing

Two People Share A Coffee While Socially Distancing

fishing tackle in hand

Fishing Tackle In Hand

summer fashion model with braids

Summer Fashion Model With Braids