Sarah Pflug

I enjoy the finer things in life such as cheese, chocolate and pickles. I have a passion for food photography and am constantly pushing myself to expand on my knowledge and experience.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Hand Holding Vanilla Milkshake | View photo

Sarah Pflug has contributed 1956 photos since June 2017

three friends holding 2019 helium balloons

Three Friends Holding 2019 Helium Balloons

hand holding fishing bobber

Hand Holding Fishing Bobber

women peeking over yellow flowers

Women Peeking Over Yellow Flowers

ballerina on pointe

Ballerina On Pointe

envelopes for new year lucky money

Envelopes For New Year Lucky Money

holding hands in the cold

Holding Hands In The Cold

stationary open on table

Stationary Open On Table

woman folding box for curb side pickup

Woman Folding Box For Curb Side Pickup

windowless white building

Windowless White Building

filling mini science vials control test

Filling Mini Science Vials Control Test

leading off first base

Leading Off First Base

a valentine's day card with a cheerful message

A Valentine's Day Card With A Cheerful Message

teapot cup and milk

Teapot Cup and Milk

spooky halloween cocktails

Spooky Halloween Cocktails

eleven eggs in cardboard carton on black background

Eleven Eggs In Cardboard Carton On Black Background

empty restaurant awaiting guests

Empty Restaurant Awaiting Guests

canadian passport in hand

Canadian Passport In Hand

campfire prep with axe

Campfire Prep With Axe

young woman with hair wrapped while on her phone

Young Woman With Hair Wrapped While On Her Phone

carnival bottle game

Carnival Bottle Game

burgers ready to bbq

Burgers Ready To Bbq

woman smiles in candy shop

Woman Smiles In Candy Shop

two colorful wrapped festive gifts

Two Colorful Wrapped Festive Gifts

vintage and antique leather bound books

Vintage And Antique Leather Bound Books

hangloose hand on pink

Hangloose Hand On Pink

spying on santa

Spying On Santa

a bee tucks into the dark centre of a sunflower

A Bee Tucks Into The Dark centre Of A Sunflower

a silver film reel canister and a movie clapper board

A Silver Film Reel Canister And A Movie Clapper Board

hands holding a sketchbook with '50% off'

Hands Holding A Sketchbook With '50% Off'

dog models dragon wings costume

Dog Models Dragon Wings Costume

let sleeping babies lie

Let Sleeping Babies Lie

mirror view of putting on makeup

Mirror View Of Putting On Makeup

woman holds vintage suitcase

Woman Holds Vintage Suitcase

everything you need for  christmas

Everything You Need For Christmas

tea for two

Tea For Two

winter piggy back rides

Winter Piggy Back Rides

christmas treats

Christmas Treats

influencer fashion pose

Influencer Fashion Pose

woman in retail store sanitizing her hands

Woman In Retail Store Sanitizing Her Hands

cat investigates glassware in light

Cat Investigates Glassware In Light

chopping wood in forest

Chopping Wood In Forest

paddle barding aerial

Paddle Barding Aerial

ballet dancer pointing toe

Ballet Dancer Pointing Toe

handmade natural soap with ingredients

Handmade Natural Soap With Ingredients

a model in summer fashion with grey backdrop

A Model In Summer Fashion With Grey Backdrop

golf ball in hand

Golf Ball In Hand

aged hands hold a fishing rod over still waters

Aged Hands Hold A Fishing Rod Over Still Waters

couple in the hedges

Couple In The Hedges

purple candy with sprinkles background

Purple Candy With Sprinkles Background

facial roller in use on yellow background

Facial Roller In Use On Yellow Background