Sarah Pflug

I enjoy the finer things in life such as cheese, chocolate and pickles. I have a passion for food photography and am constantly pushing myself to expand on my knowledge and experience.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Hand Holding Vanilla Milkshake | View photo

Sarah Pflug has contributed 1745 photos since June 2017

knitting needles and yarn on a wooden table

Knitting Needles And Yarn On A Wooden Table

woman peeking through glittery partition

Woman Peeking Through Glittery Partition

three yellow painted wrenches

Three Yellow Painted Wrenches

vase made from round bottom flasks on wooden frame

Vase Made From Round Bottom Flasks On Wooden Frame

a woman holds 'women's day" sign

A Woman Holds 'Women's Day" Sign

wedding dress bride near rocky cliffs

Wedding Dress Bride Near Rocky Cliffs

couple in the forest

Couple In The Forest

woman in front of multicolored background

Woman In Front Of Multicolored Background

a valentine's day card with a cheerful message

A Valentine's Day Card With A Cheerful Message

holding hands in the cold

Holding Hands In The Cold

sporty stitches

Sporty Stitches

cracked egg resting in well of flour on black counter

Cracked Egg Resting In Well Of Flour On Black Counter

heart candy on top of pink decorations

Heart Candy On Top Of Pink Decorations

chubby dog dressed as bunny

Chubby Dog Dressed As Bunny

notebook and glasses

Notebook And Glasses

money money money

Money Money Money

aged hands hold a fishing rod over still waters

Aged Hands Hold A Fishing Rod Over Still Waters

grey man purple smoke

Grey Man Purple Smoke

plump unripe green tomatoes on the vine

Plump Unripe Green Tomatoes On The Vine

purple smoke in the ally

Purple Smoke In The Ally

women smiling in front of silver background

Women Smiling In Front Of Silver Background

a place card on a dinner table

A Place Card On A Dinner Table

woman in orange top by green plant

Woman In Orange Top By Green Plant

a person adjusts the cuffs on their uniform

A Person Adjusts The Cuffs On Their Uniform

modern bridal photography

Modern Bridal Photography

wine shelves

Wine Shelves

simple white teapot

Simple White Teapot

hands holding a navy peaked cap

Hands Holding A Navy Peaked Cap

a brown leather purse spills feminine products

A Brown Leather Purse Spills Feminine Products

tap and beep

Tap And Beep

swiss cheese leaf

Swiss Cheese Leaf

young woman enjoying a good book

Young Woman Enjoying A Good Book

three sizes of axe or hatchet

Three Sizes Of Axe Or Hatchet

mobile phone photography in spain

Mobile Phone Photography In Spain

a model perched on a stool smiles

A Model Perched On A Stool Smiles

eleven eggs in cardboard carton on black background

Eleven Eggs In Cardboard Carton On Black Background

a model in summer fashion with grey backdrop

A Model In Summer Fashion With Grey Backdrop

vintage accessories

Vintage Accessories

old white dandelions in a white jug on a wooden table

Old White Dandelions In A White Jug On A Wooden Table

a woman with a bowl of tomatoes and peppers

A Woman With A Bowl Of Tomatoes And Peppers

a model lost in thought

A Model Lost In Thought

santa's ready for visitors!

Santa's Ready For Visitors!

woman give peace sign

Woman Give Peace Sign

basil leaves glisten faintly from raindrops

Basil Leaves Glisten Faintly From Raindrops

grinding a ledge with a skateboard

Grinding A Ledge With A Skateboard

bride walking on path

Bride Walking On Path

travel case ready

Travel Case Ready

subscribe written under a phone and laptop

Subscribe Written Under A Phone And Laptop

woman kneels in front of silver backdrop

Woman Kneels In Front Of Silver Backdrop

cookies cooling

Cookies Cooling