Sarah Pflug

I enjoy the finer things in life such as cheese, chocolate and pickles. I have a passion for food photography and am constantly pushing myself to expand on my knowledge and experience.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Hand Holding Vanilla Milkshake | View photo

Sarah Pflug has contributed 1917 photos since June 2017

a close up of a game of chess

A Close Up Of A Game Of Chess

wines by white wall

Wines By White Wall

woman sat on red lip couch

Woman Sat On Red Lip Couch

makeup artist at work

Makeup Artist At Work

model poses and smiles in greenery

Model Poses And Smiles In Greenery

macintosh apple trees in orchard

Macintosh Apple Trees In Orchard

black glass perfume bottle and spritzer

Black Glass Perfume Bottle and Spritzer

on the air microphone and hand

On The Air Microphone And Hand

not boring beige

Not Boring Beige

the letter "r" displayed in american sign language

The Letter "R" Displayed In American Sign Language

a blue kettle and mug against a blue background

A Blue Kettle And Mug Against A Blue Background

backgammon in progress

Backgammon in Progress

golf ball in hand

Golf Ball In Hand

the letter "q" displayed in american sign language

The Letter "Q" Displayed In American Sign Language

women with sparklers and champagne

Women With Sparklers and Champagne

a brown leather purse spills feminine products

A Brown Leather Purse Spills Feminine Products

vintage accessories

Vintage Accessories

woman smiles for camera in this decorated room

Woman Smiles For Camera In This Decorated Room

close up of chestnut flatlay

Close Up Of Chestnut Flatlay

santa goes digital

Santa Goes Digital

woman in orange top by green plant

Woman In Orange Top By Green Plant

a silver film reel canister and a movie clapper board

A Silver Film Reel Canister And A Movie Clapper Board

modern venus

Modern Venus

two nail polishes on pink

Two Nail Polishes On Pink

red apple on old fashioned weighing scales

Red Apple On Old Fashioned Weighing Scales

chestnuts bunched together in a cloth

Chestnuts Bunched Together In A Cloth

rustic tea service

Rustic Tea Service

fall flowers on table

Fall Flowers On Table

eleven eggs in cardboard carton on black background

Eleven Eggs In Cardboard Carton On Black Background

the letter "o" displayed in american sign language

The Letter "O" Displayed In American Sign Language

woman surrounded by cookies

Woman Surrounded By Cookies

rows of candy corn

Rows of Candy Corn

playing with colorful confetti

Playing With Colorful Confetti

santa on the couch

Santa On The Couch

scared kitty hiding

Scared Kitty Hiding

a note just to say you are enough

A Note Just To Say You Are Enough

game board with checkers pieces spread out

Game Board With Checkers Pieces Spread Out

smiling woman holding new year's eve balloons

Smiling Woman Holding New Year's Eve Balloons

typography on a sketchbook

Typography On A Sketchbook

teapot cup and milk

Teapot Cup and Milk

gemstones and tools flatlay

Gemstones And Tools Flatlay

chestnuts lined up in a flatlay

Chestnuts Lined Up In A Flatlay

three maple leaves in a row

Three Maple Leaves In A Row

brown leather suitcase

Brown Leather Suitcase

golfer holds golf ball

Golfer Holds Golf Ball

golfer holds club with gloves

Golfer Holds Club With Gloves

baby feeding on beanbag

Baby Feeding on Beanbag

colorful phone

Colorful Phone

bright colored walls brighten up a street

Bright Colored Walls Brighten Up A Street

funky potted plant

Funky Potted Plant