Sarah Pflug

I enjoy the finer things in life such as cheese, chocolate and pickles. I have a passion for food photography and am constantly pushing myself to expand on my knowledge and experience.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Hand Holding Vanilla Milkshake | View photo

Sarah Pflug has contributed 1956 photos since June 2017

warming hands on campfire coffee

Warming Hands On Campfire Coffee

giraffe among the trees

Giraffe Among The Trees

hair wrapped with under eye patches

Hair Wrapped With Under Eye Patches

envelopes for new year lucky money

Envelopes For New Year Lucky Money

red lantern in tree

Red Lantern In Tree

big city skyscraper and sky

Big City Skyscraper and Sky

hand holds pink glass bottle against pink

Hand Holds Pink Glass Bottle Against Pink

young woman enjoying a good book

Young Woman Enjoying A Good Book

two colorful wrapped festive gifts

Two Colorful Wrapped Festive Gifts

walking in city sculpture

Walking In City Sculpture

santa's ready for visitors!

Santa's Ready For Visitors!

woman sat on red lip couch

Woman Sat On Red Lip Couch

golf swing follow through

Golf Swing Follow Through

bottle feeding twins

Bottle Feeding Twins

black and white image of mother nursing

Black And White Image of Mother Nursing

plump unripe green tomatoes on the vine

Plump Unripe Green Tomatoes On The Vine

happy easter message

Happy Easter Message

gourmet donuts sweet treats

Gourmet Donuts Sweet Treats

a valentine's day card with a cheerful message

A Valentine's Day Card With A Cheerful Message

reading on the sofa

Reading On The Sofa

lab test storage hand

Lab Test Storage Hand

teddy bear carnival prizes

Teddy Bear Carnival Prizes

couple sits together shopping online

Couple Sits Together Shopping Online

campfire prep with axe

Campfire Prep With Axe

carnival ride

Carnival Ride

heart candy on top of pink decorations

Heart Candy On Top Of Pink Decorations

windy metro tunnel

Windy Metro Tunnel

ballet toe slippers

Ballet Toe Slippers

healthy cereal in bowl

Healthy Cereal In Bowl

couple in the forest

Couple In The Forest

toronto city cn tower

Toronto City CN Tower

hands hold black dropper bottle

Hands Hold Black Dropper Bottle

support local businesses sign

Support Local Businesses Sign

golf bag with clubs at golf course

Golf Bag With Clubs At Golf Course

yellow tool flatlay

Yellow Tool Flatlay

breastfeeding twins

Breastfeeding Twins

horned mountain goat

Horned Mountain Goat

bowl of fresh picked strawberries

Bowl Of Fresh Picked Strawberries

truck at loading bay

Truck At Loading Bay

model smiles and poses by black brick wall

Model Smiles And Poses By Black Brick Wall

papai noel letter board

Papai Noel Letter Board

facial roller in use on yellow background

Facial Roller In Use On Yellow Background

stationary ready to set new year goals

Stationary Ready To Set New Year Goals

clean interior design of staircase

Clean Interior Design Of Staircase

sunny wine

Sunny Wine

pepper and chilli flakes

Pepper And Chilli Flakes

woman wearing pink bathing suit and flowing kaftan

Woman Wearing Pink Bathing Suit And Flowing Kaftan

vase made from round bottom flasks on wooden frame

Vase Made From Round Bottom Flasks On Wooden Frame

mustard chair

Mustard Chair

chopping wood in forest

Chopping Wood In Forest