Sarah Pflug

I enjoy the finer things in life such as cheese, chocolate and pickles. I have a passion for food photography and am constantly pushing myself to expand on my knowledge and experience.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Sarah Pflug has contributed 1732 photos since June 2017

tampons and sanitary pads

Tampons And Sanitary Pads

maples leaves on a grey surface

Maples Leaves On A Grey Surface

sewing thread and accessories

Sewing Thread And Accessories

a woman plays the piano

A Woman Plays The Piano

bringing the outside in

Bringing The Outside In

reusable menstrual cup and pouch

Reusable Menstrual Cup And Pouch

three maple leaves in a row

Three Maple Leaves In A Row

young woman checking her phone

Young Woman Checking Her Phone

young woman enjoying a good book

Young Woman Enjoying A Good Book

vintage sewing tools

Vintage Sewing Tools

two menstrual pads on top of each other

Two Menstrual Pads On Top Of Each Other

apron on, kitchen ready

Apron On, Kitchen Ready

laptop, book, and plant

Laptop, Book, And Plant

woman dressed with nature

Woman Dressed With Nature

ready to work in the kitchen

Ready To Work In The Kitchen

sitting in front of a piano keyboard

Sitting In Front Of A Piano Keyboard

reading on the sofa

Reading On The Sofa

stylish sofa

Stylish Sofa

relaxing in headphones

Relaxing In Headphones

funky potted plant

Funky Potted Plant

woman works on computer at home

Woman Works On Computer At Home

a stack of cookies and a glass of milk

A Stack Of Cookies And A Glass Of Milk

sliced tomatoes and basil with white wine

Sliced Tomatoes And Basil With White Wine

a plate of sliced tomatoes and basil

A Plate Of Sliced Tomatoes And Basil

sporty stitches

Sporty Stitches

it's for you!'

It's For You!'

what does a brain need?

What Does A Brain Need?

pocket watch on black

Pocket Watch On Black

money money money

Money Money Money

colorful phone

Colorful Phone

hanging second place medal

Hanging Second Place Medal

wearing second place well

Wearing Second Place Well

teal phone on yellow

Teal Phone On Yellow

hand holds medal

Hand Holds Medal

a hand brandishes reusable menstrual pads

A Hand Brandishes Reusable Menstrual Pads

a hand holds up two reusable menstrual pads

A Hand Holds Up Two Reusable Menstrual Pads

a brown leather purse spills feminine products

A Brown Leather Purse Spills Feminine Products

two hands hold up a sheet of birth control

Two Hands Hold Up A Sheet Of Birth Control

two pairs of women's underwear

Two Pairs Of Women's Underwear

three sheets of birth control

Three Sheets Of Birth Control

a purple reusable menstrual pad, cup and applicator

A Purple Reusable Menstrual Pad, Cup And Applicator

a hand holds a tampon applicator

A Hand Holds A Tampon Applicator

a red purse spills feminine products onto a table

A Red Purse Spills Feminine Products Onto A Table

brown leather suitcase

Brown Leather Suitcase

vintage accessories

Vintage Accessories

woman holds vintage suitcase

Woman Holds Vintage Suitcase

vintage leather suitcase

Vintage Leather Suitcase

hanging pocket watch

Hanging Pocket Watch

three cookies on pink

Three Cookies On Pink

circles of dragon fruit

Circles Of Dragon Fruit