Sarah Pflug

I enjoy the finer things in life such as cheese, chocolate and pickles. I have a passion for food photography and am constantly pushing myself to expand on my knowledge and experience.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Hand Holding Vanilla Milkshake | View photo

Sarah Pflug has contributed 1550 photos since June 2017

three boxes of crisp popcorn in candy-striped packaging

Three Boxes Of Crisp Popcorn In Candy-Striped Packaging

winter piggy back rides

Winter Piggy Back Rides

mail peeks out from a brass letterbox

Mail Peeks Out From A Brass Letterbox

donate' written in cursive next to a piggy bank

Donate' Written in Cursive Next To A Piggy Bank

green smoothie break

Green Smoothie Break

the letter "c" displayed in american sign language

The Letter "C" Displayed In American Sign Language

woman sat on red lip couch

Woman Sat On Red Lip Couch

drift wood hanging on a white door

Drift Wood Hanging On A White Door

a pair of hands knitting

A Pair Of Hands Knitting

wooden effect tiles

Wooden Effect Tiles

smiling woman holding new year's eve balloons

Smiling Woman Holding New Year's Eve Balloons

couple holding 2019 helium balloons

Couple Holding 2019 Helium Balloons

woman peering through a giant cookie

Woman Peering Through A Giant Cookie

playing with colorful confetti

Playing With Colorful Confetti

metallic @ symbol

Metallic @ Symbol

woman peeking through glittery partition

Woman Peeking Through Glittery Partition

flower buds on a branch sit in a jug of water

Flower Buds On A Branch Sit In A Jug Of Water

three hands sign the word "new"

Three Hands Sign The Word "New"

a blue kettle and mug against a blue background

A Blue Kettle And Mug Against A Blue Background

three sizes of axe or hatchet

Three Sizes Of Axe Or Hatchet

hands holding up a new! sign

Hands Holding Up A NEW! Sign

teapot cup and milk

Teapot Cup and Milk

i like coffee

I Like Coffee

a woman in grey summer clothes

A Woman In Grey Summer Clothes

a woman holds 'women's day" sign

A Woman Holds 'Women's Day" Sign

a linen napkin topped with a gold-lettered menu

A Linen Napkin Topped With A Gold-Lettered Menu

deliciously dressed smoothie bowl with berries

Deliciously Dressed Smoothie Bowl With Berries

valentine's day decorations and candy

Valentine's Day Decorations And Candy

here you go

Here You Go

three notebooks against a pink background

Three Notebooks Against A Pink Background

women celebrate new years

Women Celebrate New Years

a tattooed hand doing the sign for i love you

A Tattooed Hand Doing The Sign For I Love You

a young woman looks sharp in her navy uniform

A Young Woman Looks Sharp In Her Navy Uniform

women with sparklers and champagne

Women With Sparklers and Champagne

two women beam smiles at each other

Two Women Beam Smiles At Each Other

modern bridal photo shoot

Modern Bridal Photo Shoot

partygoers holding 2019 helium balloons

Partygoers Holding 2019 Helium Balloons

simple white teapot

Simple White Teapot

red apple on old fashioned weighing scales

Red Apple On Old Fashioned Weighing Scales

three yellow painted wrenches

Three Yellow Painted Wrenches

partygoers holding happy new year sign

Partygoers Holding Happy New Year Sign

the letter "d" displayed in american sign language

The Letter "D" Displayed In American Sign Language

place-setting at a restaurant table

Place-Setting At A Restaurant Table

modern bride sitting on steps

Modern Bride Sitting On Steps

the letter "s" displayed in american sign language

The Letter "S" Displayed In American Sign Language

woman in front of multicolored background

Woman In Front Of Multicolored Background

he makes her smile

He Makes Her Smile

hands holding a sketchbook with '50% off'

Hands Holding A Sketchbook With '50% Off'

three friends holding 2019 helium balloons

Three Friends Holding 2019 Helium Balloons

wedding dress bride near rocky cliffs

Wedding Dress Bride Near Rocky Cliffs