Sarah Pflug

I enjoy the finer things in life such as cheese, chocolate and pickles. I have a passion for food photography and am constantly pushing myself to expand on my knowledge and experience.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Hand Holding Vanilla Milkshake | View photo

Sarah Pflug has contributed 1917 photos since June 2017

the letter "f" displayed in american sign language

The Letter "F" Displayed In American Sign Language

woman deftly knits white yarn

Woman Deftly Knits White Yarn

hippopotamus swimming black and white

Hippopotamus Swimming Black And White

hand holding fishing bobber

Hand Holding Fishing Bobber

i like coffee

I Like Coffee

rose flower embroidery craft

Rose Flower Embroidery Craft

love written on sketchbook

Love Written On Sketchbook

kettle steaming on camping stove

Kettle Steaming On Camping Stove

an orange basket

An Orange Basket

office desk with piece of paper urging you to subscribe

Office Desk With Piece Of Paper Urging You To Subscribe

man in red tuxedo detail shot

Man In Red Tuxedo Detail Shot

spooky skull makeup

Spooky Skull Makeup

horseshoe jellyfish

Horseshoe Jellyfish

modern dancer

Modern Dancer

campfire prep with axe

Campfire Prep With Axe

strike a pose!

Strike A Pose!

the alphabet on a letter board

The Alphabet On A Letter Board

woman reading on picnic blanket

Woman Reading On Picnic Blanket

the letter "d" displayed in american sign language

The Letter "D" Displayed In American Sign Language

office work tools on the white desk

Office Work Tools On The White Desk

woman fashion model poses by pink wall

Woman Fashion Model Poses By Pink Wall

handheld microphone

Handheld Microphone

hand holds medal

Hand Holds Medal

golf bag with clubs at golf course

Golf Bag With Clubs At Golf Course

reverb amp for playing sweet music

Reverb Amp For Playing Sweet Music

purple candy with sprinkles background

Purple Candy With Sprinkles Background

young woman exercising in workout clothes against brick wall

Young Woman Exercising In Workout Clothes Against Brick Wall

bride in wedding dress near archway

Bride In Wedding Dress Near Archway

thinking on commute

Thinking On Commute

biohazardous materials sign

Biohazardous Materials Sign

carnival ride

Carnival Ride

wooden christmas sign with bells and baubles

Wooden Christmas Sign With Bells And Baubles

labeled science jars

Labeled Science Jars

tea cup and teaspoon

Tea Cup And Teaspoon

bottle feeding baby

Bottle Feeding Baby

place-setting at a restaurant table

Place-Setting At A Restaurant Table

sunglasses, stationary, and a cellphone on a white tray

Sunglasses, Stationary, And A Cellphone On A White Tray

three boxes of crisp popcorn in candy-striped packaging

Three Boxes Of Crisp Popcorn In Candy-Striped Packaging

horned mountain goat

Horned Mountain Goat

cursive handwriting wishing a happy mother's day

Cursive Handwriting Wishing A Happy Mother's Day

dancer warm up splits

Dancer Warm Up Splits

popcorn out of the box and onto the red table

Popcorn Out Of The Box And Onto The Red Table

candy cane brownie close up

Candy Cane Brownie Close Up

a plate of sliced tomatoes and basil

A Plate Of Sliced Tomatoes And Basil

look through the microscope

Look Through The Microscope

sale written in notebook

Sale Written in Notebook

basket for apple picking in fruit orchard

Basket For Apple Picking In Fruit Orchard

kitchen utensils on counter

Kitchen Utensils On Counter

fishing tackle box

Fishing Tackle Box

baby lays on red blanket

Baby Lays On Red Blanket