Sarah Pflug

I enjoy the finer things in life such as cheese, chocolate and pickles. I have a passion for food photography and am constantly pushing myself to expand on my knowledge and experience.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Hand Holding Vanilla Milkshake | View photo

Sarah Pflug has contributed 2020 photos since June 2017

inspirational quote on letter board

Inspirational Quote On Letter Board

santa on blank chalkboard

Santa On Blank Chalkboard

2021 supplies laid out on desk

2021 Supplies Laid Out On Desk

hand holding small cake

Hand Holding Small Cake

antique camera with picnic basket and wine

Antique Camera With Picnic Basket And Wine

red lantern in tree

Red Lantern In Tree

three melted popcicles

Three Melted Popcicles

bagels on wire rack

Bagels On Wire Rack

fresh bagels

Fresh Bagels

woman caresses face

Woman Caresses Face

making gifts special

Making Gifts Special

drink and snack for santa

Drink And Snack For Santa

not boring beige

Not Boring Beige

ready, set, picnic

Ready, Set, Picnic

baked potatoes on campfire

Baked Potatoes On Campfire

fresh cherries scattered on dark background

Fresh Cherries Scattered On Dark Background

man in red tuxedo detail shot

Man In Red Tuxedo Detail Shot

floral vines on house

Floral Vines On House

wooden christmas sign with bells and baubles

Wooden Christmas Sign With Bells And Baubles

a man in denim apron smiles for the camera

A Man In Denim Apron Smiles For The Camera

pink pumps on black chair

Pink Pumps On Black Chair

woman smiles in candy shop

Woman Smiles In Candy Shop

rescued orangutan looks to the side

Rescued Orangutan Looks To The Side

science microscope slides

Science Microscope Slides

dancer bends back in window

Dancer Bends Back In Window

hangloose hand on pink

Hangloose Hand On Pink

hand holds rainbow carrots

Hand Holds Rainbow Carrots

a red purse spills feminine products onto a table

A Red Purse Spills Feminine Products Onto A Table

office desk with piece of paper urging you to subscribe

Office Desk With Piece Of Paper Urging You To Subscribe

nun snaps a photo in an old church

Nun Snaps A Photo In An Old Church

snowy city walking commute

Snowy City Walking Commute

chocolate pie & spoon

Chocolate Pie & Spoon

mushrooms on a table

Mushrooms On A Table

baseball glove in grass

Baseball Glove In Grass

canadian passport in hand

Canadian Passport In Hand

three cookies on pink

Three Cookies On Pink

puzzle pieces in hand

Puzzle Pieces In Hand

knitwear, yarn, and a mug of coffee

Knitwear, Yarn, And A Mug Of Coffee

candy sprinkle red background

Candy Sprinkle Red Background

ttc map streetcar

TTC Map Streetcar

travel case ready

Travel Case Ready

antique doors in aging mansion

Antique Doors In Aging Mansion

leading off first base

Leading Off First Base

couple spend time together on couch

Couple Spend Time Together On Couch

fallen apples on orchard path

Fallen Apples On Orchard Path

playing card games at a table

Playing Card Games At A Table

pink makeup by artist

Pink Makeup By Artist

crazy eights card game at table

Crazy Eights Card Game At Table

cat chilling

Cat Chilling

dad packed lunch

Dad Packed Lunch