Sarah Pflug

I enjoy the finer things in life such as cheese, chocolate and pickles. I have a passion for food photography and am constantly pushing myself to expand on my knowledge and experience.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Hand Holding Vanilla Milkshake | View photo

Sarah Pflug has contributed 1466 photos since June 2017

pancakes made better with syrup

Pancakes Made Better With Syrup

typography on a sketchbook

Typography On A Sketchbook

a phone on a blue background with 'contact us'

A Phone On A Blue Background With 'Contact Us'

three people interlace arms

Three People Interlace Arms

chestnuts lined up in a flatlay

Chestnuts Lined Up In A Flatlay

giraffe among the trees

Giraffe Among The Trees

makeup artist at work

Makeup Artist At Work

clean interior design of staircase

Clean Interior Design Of Staircase

golf ball in hand

Golf Ball In Hand

festive message spelled out with wooden letters

Festive Message Spelled Out With Wooden Letters

a game of chess in progress

A Game Of Chess In Progress

small wrenches in a line

Small Wrenches In A Line

spooky halloween cocktails

Spooky Halloween Cocktails

a bowl of colourful muesli

A Bowl Of Colourful Muesli

chestnuts bunched together in a cloth

Chestnuts Bunched Together In A Cloth

ornate mantle decorate for new year's eve

Ornate Mantle Decorate for New Year's Eve

dramatic black glass perfume

Dramatic Black Glass Perfume

tea set on wooden table

Tea Set On Wooden Table

young woman exercising in workout clothes against brick wall

Young Woman Exercising In Workout Clothes Against Brick Wall

fishing line and bobber

Fishing Line And Bobber

antique scissors by bowls

Antique Scissors By Bowls

backgammon in progress

Backgammon in Progress

green leaves on a red brick wall

Green Leaves On A Red Brick Wall

christmas gift wrap flatlay

Christmas Gift Wrap Flatlay

cloves of garlic on a black background

Cloves Of Garlic On A Black Background

picnic basket

Picnic Basket

tea for two

Tea For Two

woman surrounded by cookies

Woman Surrounded By Cookies

woman cradles coffee on a sofa

Woman Cradles Coffee On A Sofa

but first coffee. written next to a cup of joe

But First Coffee. Written Next To A Cup Of Joe

bride in wedding dress near archway

Bride In Wedding Dress Near Archway

a low view of a chess board

A Low View Of A Chess Board

yellow tool flatlay

Yellow Tool Flatlay

young woman touching toes in yoga

Young Woman Touching Toes In Yoga

a movie clapper board, film roll and sprocket wheel

A Movie Clapper Board, Film Roll And Sprocket Wheel

woman smiles for camera in this decorated room

Woman Smiles For Camera In This Decorated Room

golfer holds club with gloves

Golfer Holds Club With Gloves

golfer holds golf ball

Golfer Holds Golf Ball

close up of pink and red valentine's day hearts

Close Up Of Pink And Red Valentine's Day Hearts

man in red tuxedo detail shot

Man In Red Tuxedo Detail Shot

women peeking over yellow flowers

Women Peeking Over Yellow Flowers

black glass perfume bottle and spritzer

Black Glass Perfume Bottle and Spritzer

a close up of a game of chess

A Close Up Of A Game Of Chess

game board with checkers pieces spread out

Game Board With Checkers Pieces Spread Out

father and son open christmas gifts

Father And Son Open Christmas Gifts

a valentine's day message written on a blackboard

A Valentine's Day Message Written On A Blackboard

rustic tea service

Rustic Tea Service

sunlight beamas through glass teacup

Sunlight Beamas Through Glass Teacup

handful of colorful easter eggs

Handful Of Colorful Easter Eggs

on the air microphone and hand

On The Air Microphone And Hand