Sarah Pflug

I enjoy the finer things in life such as cheese, chocolate and pickles. I have a passion for food photography and am constantly pushing myself to expand on my knowledge and experience.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Hand Holding Vanilla Milkshake | View photo

Sarah Pflug has contributed 1956 photos since June 2017

scissors held up

Scissors Held Up

young woman with curly hair smiling bright

Young Woman With Curly Hair Smiling Bright

happy easter ears

Happy Easter Ears

flat lay of colorful cereal

Flat Lay of Colorful Cereal

he makes her smile

He Makes Her Smile

donate' written in cursive next to a piggy bank

Donate' Written in Cursive Next To A Piggy Bank

two adjustable wrenches on a blue background

Two Adjustable Wrenches On A Blue Background

holiday gift card

Holiday Gift Card

biker ties bandana

Biker Ties Bandana

christmas family in santa hats

Christmas Family In Santa Hats

hand with ring in greenery

Hand With Ring In Greenery

cracking egg for baking

Cracking Egg For Baking

science examining magnifiers

Science Examining Magnifiers

fashionable black and white sneakers

Fashionable Black And White Sneakers

campers holding hot drinks to warm up

Campers Holding Hot Drinks To Warm Up

sitting in front of a piano keyboard

Sitting In Front Of A Piano Keyboard

musicians amp dials

Musicians Amp Dials

modern ballet pose

Modern Ballet Pose

sizing ring

Sizing Ring

three leaf clover held in hand

Three Leaf Clover Held In Hand

a woman with a bowl of tomatoes and peppers

A Woman With A Bowl Of Tomatoes And Peppers

hand holding small cake

Hand Holding Small Cake

making gifts special

Making Gifts Special

family at christmas market waffle win

Family At Christmas Market Waffle Win

wood shaving

Wood Shaving

couple sits together shopping online

Couple Sits Together Shopping Online

set of colorful bamboo toothbrushes

Set Of Colorful Bamboo Toothbrushes

woman sat on red lip couch

Woman Sat On Red Lip Couch

palm tree with blue sky

Palm Tree With Blue Sky

a valentine's day message written on a blackboard

A Valentine's Day Message Written On A Blackboard

vintage sewing tools

Vintage Sewing Tools

tropical plant in front of white boards

Tropical Plant In Front Of White Boards

cat shape needle and thread

Cat Shape Needle And Thread

a stack of cookies and a glass of milk

A Stack Of Cookies And A Glass Of Milk

green leaves on a red brick wall

Green Leaves On A Red Brick Wall

glitter makeup costume

Glitter Makeup Costume

circles of dragon fruit

Circles Of Dragon Fruit

hand three fingers up

Hand Three Fingers Up

fresh garlic on stem

Fresh Garlic On Stem

potted seeds

Potted Seeds

woman nurses baby

Woman Nurses Baby

cookies and almond milk for santa

Cookies And Almond Milk For Santa

young woman against exposed brick doing yoga

Young Woman Against Exposed Brick Doing Yoga

hand holds pink glass bottle against pink

Hand Holds Pink Glass Bottle Against Pink

posing in denim and leather

Posing In Denim And Leather

a flatlay of the breakfast table

A Flatlay Of The Breakfast Table

smoked turkey legs

Smoked Turkey Legs

dock on choppy cottage country lake

Dock On Choppy Cottage Country Lake

extra chocolate chocolate cake

Extra Chocolate Chocolate Cake

vintage accessories

Vintage Accessories