Sarah Pflug

I enjoy the finer things in life such as cheese, chocolate and pickles. I have a passion for food photography and am constantly pushing myself to expand on my knowledge and experience.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Hand Holding Vanilla Milkshake | View photo

Sarah Pflug has contributed 2020 photos since June 2017

bbq tools flatlay

Bbq Tools Flatlay

pink floral outfit

Pink Floral Outfit

smart home device on wooden desk

Smart Home Device On Wooden Desk

cracked egg resting in well of flour on black counter

Cracked Egg Resting In Well Of Flour On Black Counter

chicken and rice lunchbox

Chicken And Rice Lunchbox

tourist taking cellphone photo

Tourist Taking Cellphone Photo

healthy breakfast pots

Healthy Breakfast Pots

a coffee, a book, yarn and needles for knitting

A Coffee, A Book, Yarn And Needles For Knitting

healthy breakfast time

Healthy Breakfast time

pancakes made better with syrup

Pancakes Made Better With Syrup

blueberry pie with lattice crust

Blueberry Pie With Lattice Crust

the letter "x" displayed in american sign language

The Letter "X" Displayed In American Sign Language

bath salts on bathtub

Bath Salts On Bathtub

posing against dark blue feature wall

Posing Against Dark Blue Feature Wall

packing sunglasses and cosmetics for a holiday

Packing Sunglasses And Cosmetics For A Holiday

parked motorcycle

Parked Motorcycle

what does a brain need?

What Does A Brain Need?

brownie with candy cane and milk

Brownie With Candy Cane And Milk

san francisco ferry

San Francisco Ferry

hand with two fingers up peace

Hand With Two Fingers Up Peace

circuits and wires for building technology

Circuits And Wires For Building Technology

a sliver of film reel curls around a camera sprocket

A Sliver Of Film Reel Curls Around A Camera Sprocket

young woman meditating in front of brick wall

Young Woman Meditating In Front Of Brick Wall

wedding photos on rocky pedistal

Wedding Photos On Rocky Pedistal

hand three fingers up

Hand Three Fingers Up

antique and rare hard cover books

Antique And Rare Hard Cover Books

ballet dancer takes a break

Ballet Dancer Takes A Break

quartz roller on wood

Quartz Roller On Wood

teal phone on yellow

Teal Phone On Yellow

blush makeup and candles

Blush Makeup And Candles

family at christmas market waffle win

Family At Christmas Market Waffle Win

sugar gumdrop candy and scoop

Sugar Gumdrop Candy And Scoop

gift card checkout

Gift Card Checkout

hair wrapped in towel and moisterizing face mask

Hair Wrapped In Towel And Moisterizing Face Mask

spilled popcorn on a red background

Spilled Popcorn On A Red Background

cookies and almond milk for santa

Cookies And Almond Milk For Santa

couple taking a selfie at a party

Couple Taking A Selfie At A Party

secret garden wooden door with wreath

Secret Garden Wooden Door With Wreath

green twigs on orange

Green Twigs On Orange

fork and knife in hands

Fork And Knife In Hands

gold hair clipper

Gold Hair Clipper

the letter "f" displayed in american sign language

The Letter "F" Displayed In American Sign Language

vintage sewing tools

Vintage Sewing Tools

halloween cat costume

Halloween Cat Costume

clean brushes on pained paper

Clean Brushes On Pained Paper

festive message hung in a christmas tree

Festive Message Hung In A Christmas Tree

the letter "g" displayed in american sign language

The Letter "G" Displayed In American Sign Language

man puts his hand inside his jacket

Man Puts His Hand Inside His Jacket

hot cocao with marshmallow

Hot Cocao With Marshmallow

merry christmas bow

Merry Christmas Bow