Sarah Pflug

I enjoy the finer things in life such as cheese, chocolate and pickles. I have a passion for food photography and am constantly pushing myself to expand on my knowledge and experience.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Hand Holding Vanilla Milkshake | View photo

Sarah Pflug has contributed 2020 photos since June 2017

summer fashion pose

Summer Fashion Pose

jelly donuts in rows

Jelly Donuts In Rows

halloween candy and decor on black

Halloween Candy And Decor On Black

nails for building

Nails For Building

gloved hand and test tube

Gloved Hand And Test Tube

placing kababs on the bbq

Placing Kababs On The Bbq

smoked turkey legs

Smoked Turkey Legs

espresso maker on white stone counter

Espresso Maker On White Stone Counter

houseplant on stool

Houseplant On Stool

cactus in yard

Cactus In Yard

woman poses by alley wall

Woman Poses By Alley Wall

little girl at holiday market

Little Girl At Holiday Market

notebook reminding us that change is constant

Notebook Reminding Us That Change Is Constant

hand holding oven cooked pizza

Hand Holding Oven Cooked Pizza

set of colorful bamboo toothbrushes

Set Of Colorful Bamboo Toothbrushes

celebrating silver

Celebrating Silver

pearl earrings on end table

Pearl Earrings On End Table

fishing rod and reel

Fishing Rod And Reel

fresh herb flatlay

Fresh Herb Flatlay

easter basket on pink

Easter Basket On Pink

young woman with white shopping bags

Young Woman With White Shopping Bags

pink summer outfit

Pink Summer Outfit

haircare while on the couch

Haircare While On The Couch

coffee and reading casual

Coffee And Reading Casual

sea lions on dock

Sea Lions On Dock

typography in a notebook

Typography In A Notebook

happy st. patricks day in wooden letters

Happy St. Patricks Day In Wooden Letters

group watches eclipse

Group Watches Eclipse

towers construction

La Sagrada Familia Construction

red fashion on black white

Red Fashion On Black White

yay balloons

Yay Balloons

posing on arm of purple velvet couch

Posing On Arm Of Purple Velvet Couch

oranges in corner

Oranges In Corner

customer and store owner waving goodbye

Customer And Store Owner Waving Goodbye

biker ties bandana

Biker Ties Bandana

fresh market fruit and vegetables

Fresh Market Fruit And Vegetables

solar eclipse checklist

Solar Eclipse Checklist

yellow tools on white and yellow background

Yellow Tools On White And Yellow Background

family with holiday lights

Family With Holiday Lights

minimalist retail clothing display

Minimalist Retail Clothing Display

man in red tuxedo with top button undone

Man In Red Tuxedo With Top Button Undone

stocked pallet in warehouse

Stocked Pallet In Warehouse

cheese and crackers

Cheese And Crackers

vine brick background

Vine Brick Background

pink floral outfit

Pink Floral Outfit

smart home device on wooden desk

Smart Home Device On Wooden Desk

extra chocolate cake

Extra Chocolate Cake

time to feed baby!

Time To Feed Baby!

first day of kindergarten

First Day Of Kindergarten

a coffee, a book, yarn and needles for knitting

A Coffee, A Book, Yarn And Needles For Knitting