Sarah Pflug

I enjoy the finer things in life such as cheese, chocolate and pickles. I have a passion for food photography and am constantly pushing myself to expand on my knowledge and experience.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Hand Holding Vanilla Milkshake | View photo

Sarah Pflug has contributed 2020 photos since June 2017

garlic thyme!

Garlic Thyme!

young woman in yoga pose against exposed brick

Young Woman In Yoga Pose Against Exposed Brick

mobile app wireframes on whiteboard

Mobile App Wireframes On Whiteboard

boy making sidewalk art

Boy Making Sidewalk Art

back to school flatlay on wood

Back To School Flatlay On Wood

daughter and father at christmas market

Daughter And Father At Christmas Market

free images of happy birthday

Happy Birthday Mark Cake

santa cookies and reindeer carrots

Santa Cookies And Reindeer Carrots

thanksgiving chalkboard

Thanksgiving Chalkboard

reading doing fingernails

Reading Doing Fingernails

easter bunny ears

Easter Bunny Ears

christmas morning taking photos

Christmas Morning Taking Photos

leather seat stool

Leather Seat Stool

holiday candles

Holiday Candles

hand with painted nails holds up a mirror

Hand With Painted Nails Holds Up A Mirror

happy family holiday season

Happy Family Holiday Season

fruit & veggie scrubber

Fruit & Veggie Scrubber

two adjustable wrenches on a blue background

Two Adjustable Wrenches On A Blue Background

the letter "b" displayed in american sign language

The Letter "B" Displayed In American Sign Language

brick cement wall

Brick Cement Wall

bbq season full grill

BBQ Season Full Grill

christmas gift wrap flatlay

Christmas Gift Wrap Flatlay

Hardcover magenta book on wooden furniture on a white brick wall background

Red Book Rests On Wood

holiday gift card

Holiday Gift Card

harvest table candles

Harvest Table Candles

paint brush with painted paper

Paint Brush With Painted Paper

dental care tools

Dental Care Tools

reference books on shelves

Reference Books On Shelves

three hands sign the word "new"

Three Hands Sign The Word "New"

vintage leather suitcase

Vintage Leather Suitcase

electric guitar held high

Electric Guitar Held High

fashionable woman in stripes

Fashionable Woman In Stripes

adding glitter to nails

Adding Glitter To Nails

sliced pizza circle

Sliced Pizza Circle

girl blowing bubbles at park

Girl Blowing Bubbles At Park

happy chinese new year

Happy Chinese New Year

christmas and palm trees

Christmas And Palm Trees

solar eclipse notebook

Solar Eclipse Notebook

tall green plant on white background

Tall Green Plant On White Background

woman in glasses in yellow ball pool

Woman In Glasses In Yellow Ball Pool

millennial woman posing

Millennial Woman Posing

lanterns candles and orange

Lanterns Candles And Orange

arts and crafts pens and paints

Arts And Crafts Pens And Paints

designer creates camera image with pens

Designer Creates Camera Image With Pens

red wine by bubble bath

Red Wine By Bubble Bath

a movie clapper board, film roll and sprocket wheel

A Movie Clapper Board, Film Roll And Sprocket Wheel

cat shape needle and thread

Cat Shape Needle And Thread

couple hand hold in love

Couple Hand Hold In Love

lucky money envelopes

Lucky Money Envelopes

2020 goals letterboard

2020 Goals Letterboard