Sarah Pflug

I enjoy the finer things in life such as cheese, chocolate and pickles. I have a passion for food photography and am constantly pushing myself to expand on my knowledge and experience.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Hand Holding Vanilla Milkshake | View photo

Sarah Pflug has contributed 1956 photos since June 2017

woman practicing her skincare routine

Woman Practicing Her Skincare Routine

carnival and mardi gras masks

Carnival And Mardi Gras Masks

cats eye and costume

Cats Eye And Costume

handshake in modern office

Handshake In Modern Office

golfer lines up at driving range

Golfer Lines Up At Driving Range

stacked market vegetables

Stacked Market Vegetables

woman wearing sweats on mobile phone

Woman Wearing Sweats On Mobile Phone

mobile app wireframes on whiteboard

Mobile App Wireframes On Whiteboard

hand peeling carrots

Hand Peeling Carrots

pink and red hearts on a pink surface

Pink And Red Hearts On A Pink Surface

three cups of tea steeping

Three Cups Of Tea Steeping

a runner focuses

A Runner Focuses

livingroom tray with plant and game controllers

Livingroom Tray With Plant And Game Controllers

clown fish in aquarium

Clown Fish In Aquarium

packing sunglasses and cosmetics for a holiday

Packing Sunglasses And Cosmetics For A Holiday

coffee and camera

Coffee And Camera

the letter "n" displayed in american sign language

The Letter "N" Displayed In American Sign Language

man & woman watch eclipse

Man & Woman Watch Eclipse

hands holding glowing book

Hands Holding Glowing Book

school supplies knolling

School Supplies Knolling

carrots for sale at market

Carrots For Sale At Market

fishing rod and reel

Fishing Rod And Reel

shadows cast over freshly cut fruit

Shadows Cast Over Freshly Cut Fruit

couple tip toes face to face

Couple Tip Toes Face To Face

toothbrush & floss

Toothbrush & Floss

artisanal market cheese

Artisanal Market Cheese

woman poses in pink room

Woman Poses In Pink Room

gas cooking range in a large home kitchen

Gas Cooking Range In A Large Home Kitchen

buying cryptocurrency ripple on phone

Buying Cryptocurrency Ripple On Phone

houseware home and kitchen decor

Houseware Home And Kitchen Decor

bubbly champagne cocktail

Bubbly Champagne Cocktail

shipping container ship

Shipping Container Ship

black and white marble texture

Black And White Marble Texture

paint brush with painted paper

Paint Brush With Painted Paper

lemon purse being worn

Lemon Purse Being Worn

vibrant pots of paints on a blue table

Vibrant Pots Of Paints On A Blue Table

portrait of garlic cloves on a black background

Portrait Of Garlic Cloves On A Black Background

brussel sprouts pile

Brussel Sprouts Pile

hand with lightbulb on white

Hand With Lightbulb On White

woman in glasses in yellow ball pool

Woman In Glasses In Yellow Ball Pool

red handbag with gold detail

Red Handbag With Gold Detail

watermelon scooper

Watermelon Scooper

reading doing fingernails

Reading Doing Fingernails

a model perched on a stool smiles

A Model Perched On A Stool Smiles

cryptocurrency atm withdraw bitcoin

Cryptocurrency Atm Withdraw Bitcoin

clovers on a white woodgrain texture

Clovers On A White Woodgrain Texture

cat chilling

Cat Chilling

free shipping hand written in notebook

Free Shipping Hand Written In Notebook

jogger stretching at track

Jogger Stretching At Track

mobile phone photography in greenhouse

Mobile Phone Photography In Greenhouse