Sarah Pflug

I enjoy the finer things in life such as cheese, chocolate and pickles. I have a passion for food photography and am constantly pushing myself to expand on my knowledge and experience.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Hand Holding Vanilla Milkshake | View photo

Sarah Pflug has contributed 1956 photos since June 2017

donate' written in cursive next to a piggy bank

Donate' Written in Cursive Next To A Piggy Bank

hands holding a sketchbook with '15% off'

Hands Holding A Sketchbook With '15% Off'

hand with painted nails holds up a mirror

Hand With Painted Nails Holds Up A Mirror

a hand holding a small succulent

A Hand Holding A Small Succulent

a note just to say you are enough

A Note Just To Say You Are Enough

but first coffee. written next to a cup of joe

But First Coffee. Written Next To A Cup Of Joe

cursive handwriting wishing a happy mother's day

Cursive Handwriting Wishing A Happy Mother's Day

a phone on a blue background with 'contact us'

A Phone On A Blue Background With 'Contact Us'

hands holding a sketchbook with '50% off'

Hands Holding A Sketchbook With '50% Off'

minimal decor inspiration with these tiny plants

Minimal Decor Inspiration With These Tiny Plants

subscribe written under a phone and laptop

Subscribe Written Under A Phone And Laptop

cursive handwriting with 'rise and shine'

Cursive Handwriting With 'Rise And Shine'

hands holding up a new! sign

Hands Holding Up A NEW! Sign

happy father's day written beautifully inside journal

Happy Father's Day Written Beautifully Inside Journal

office desk with piece of paper urging you to subscribe

Office Desk With Piece Of Paper Urging You To Subscribe

man puts his hand inside his jacket

Man Puts His Hand Inside His Jacket

man reaches inside his jacket

Man Reaches Inside His Jacket

yay balloons

Yay Balloons

red apple on old fashioned weighing scales

Red Apple On Old Fashioned Weighing Scales

round white table with phone and notepad

Round White Table With Phone And Notepad

keyboards on blue surface

Keyboards On Blue Surface

hands holding painted eggs

Hands Holding Painted Eggs

happy easter sign

Happy Easter Sign

gold helium balloons on white wall

Gold Helium Balloons On White Wall

handful of colorful easter eggs

Handful Of Colorful Easter Eggs

silver and white keyboards flat lay

Silver And White Keyboards Flat Lay

silver keyboard on blue background

Silver Keyboard On Blue Background

sunglasses, stationary, and a cellphone on a white tray

Sunglasses, Stationary, And A Cellphone On A White Tray

antique kitchen scale weighing apple

Antique Kitchen Scale Weighing Apple

dark-haired man in brown leather jacket

Dark-Haired Man In Brown Leather Jacket

this baking looks so good you can almost taste it

This Baking Looks So Good You Can Almost Taste It

three people interlace arms

Three People Interlace Arms

a model perched on a stool smiles

A Model Perched On A Stool Smiles

a model in a blue sweater with flowers

A Model In A Blue Sweater With Flowers

a model lost in thought

A Model Lost In Thought

a model in summer fashion with grey backdrop

A Model In Summer Fashion With Grey Backdrop

woman cradles coffee on a sofa

Woman Cradles Coffee On A Sofa

a model in khakis holding orchids

A Model In Khakis Holding Orchids

a model in khaki trousers and a striped t-shirt

A Model In Khaki Trousers And A Striped T-Shirt

two women beam smiles at each other

Two Women Beam Smiles At Each Other

a woman immersed in her laptop and monitor

A Woman Immersed In Her Laptop And Monitor

a woman with mobile and coffee

A Woman With Mobile And Coffee

a woman holds 'women's day" sign

A Woman Holds 'Women's Day" Sign

mail peeks out from a brass letterbox

Mail Peeks Out From A Brass Letterbox

a silver film reel canister and a movie clapper board

A Silver Film Reel Canister And A Movie Clapper Board

a sliver of film reel curls around a camera sprocket

A Sliver Of Film Reel Curls Around A Camera Sprocket

a movie clapper board, film roll and sprocket wheel

A Movie Clapper Board, Film Roll And Sprocket Wheel

a blue kettle and tin mug against a blue background

A Blue Kettle And Tin Mug Against A Blue Background

a blue kettle and mug against a blue background

A Blue Kettle And Mug Against A Blue Background

woman deftly knits white yarn

Woman Deftly Knits White Yarn