Sarah Pflug

I enjoy the finer things in life such as cheese, chocolate and pickles. I have a passion for food photography and am constantly pushing myself to expand on my knowledge and experience.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Hand Holding Vanilla Milkshake | View photo

Sarah Pflug has contributed 2020 photos since June 2017

smiling woman portrait

Smiling Woman Portrait

woman in arboretum

Woman In Arboretum

kids playing with block toys

Kids Playing With Block Toys

stylish nail polish

Stylish Nail Polish

student back to school supplies

Student Back To School Supplies

the letter "a" displayed in american sign language

The Letter "A" Displayed In American Sign Language

making homemade soup

Making Homemade Soup

woman wearing floral dress

Woman Wearing Floral Dress

username and password prompt

Username And Password Prompt

charcoal ice cream

Charcoal Ice Cream

cryptocurrency atm

Cryptocurrency Atm

hand grabs toes for stretch

Hand Grabs Toes For Stretch

sale sign on angled pink gray background

Sale Sign On Angled Pink Gray Background

home decor and kitchen accessories

Home Decor And Kitchen Accessories

woman in glasses at meeting

Woman In Glasses At Meeting

three egg nogs and a plate o' cookies

Three Egg Nogs And A Plate O' Cookies

cosmetics and stationery for the holiday

Cosmetics And Stationery For The Holiday

leafy plant on white wall

Leafy Plant On White Wall

caution wet floor sign

Caution Wet Floor Sign

highfive hands only

Highfive Hands Only

woman adjusting headphones at mic

Woman Adjusting Headphones At Mic

wood background wth festive greenery

Wood Background Wth Festive Greenery

hands holding glowing book

Hands Holding Glowing Book

father and son open presents

Father And Son Open Presents

red handbag with gold detail

Red Handbag With Gold Detail

bread loaf on a wooden cutting board

Bread Loaf On A Wooden Cutting Board

one team hands in

One Team Hands In

woman listening at team meeting

Woman Listening At Team Meeting

work meeting

Work Meeting

turkey going in oven

Turkey Going In Oven

scooping soup on stove

Scooping Soup On Stove

christmas presents

Christmas Presents

woman playing in yellow tub

Woman Playing In Yellow Tub

soapy texture

Soapy Texture

vegetable slicer in kitchen

Vegetable Slicer In Kitchen

grey woman on steps

Grey Woman On Steps

thanksgiving lettering

Thanksgiving Lettering

sale lettering close up

Sale Lettering Close Up

give thanks flatlay letters

Give Thanks Flatlay Letters

microphone on mic stand

Microphone On Mic Stand

woman whiteboard work

Woman Whiteboard Work

girl playing on park swings

Girl Playing On Park Swings

butternut and bacon soup

Butternut And Bacon Soup

contruction blueprints tools

Contruction Blueprints Tools

mug of coffee and a french press on a window sill

Mug Of Coffee And A French Press On A Window Sill

brick wall with graphic street art

Brick Wall With Graphic Street Art

smiling meeting roundtable

Smiling Meeting Roundtable

serving soup

Serving Soup

laptop, book, and plant

Laptop, Book, And Plant

team working together with laptops

Team Working Together With Laptops