Sara Williams

Toronto based maker of many things - sometimes t-shirts, sometimes dinners, sometimes pictures.

location Toronto

Paint Brushes In Bucket | View photo

Sara Williams has contributed 20 photos since March 2018

graduate with bouquet

Graduate With Bouquet

paint brushes in bucket

Paint Brushes In Bucket

cafe brown espresso cup

Cafe Brown Espresso Cup

streetcar into the light

Streetcar Into The Light

pencil closeup artist desk

Pencil Closeup Artist Desk

pencil and grid paper

Pencil And Grid Paper

artists doodle

Artists Doodle

metro ceiling triangles

Metro Ceiling Triangles

seats reserved for grads

Seats Reserved For Grads

brushes in bucket

Brushes In Bucket

cheers with restaurant glassware

Cheers With Restaurant Glassware

art studio drawer

Art Studio Drawer

hand doodle on grid

Hand Doodle On Grid

streetcar at magic hour

Streetcar At Magic Hour

university graduation programs

University Graduation Programs

grad with books

Grad With Books

graduate looking forward

Graduate Looking Forward

graduation hall prepped for ceremony

Graduation Hall Prepped For Ceremony

grad in gown holding programs

Grad In Gown Holding Programs

through wine glass

Through Wine Glass