Samuel Lee

Photographer specializing in documentaries, commercial content, portraits and events.

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Feet In Sneakers Pointed Towards Open Ocean Off Rocky Shore | View photo

Samuel Lee has contributed 49 photos since November 2019

young boy naps during car ride

Young Boy Naps During Car Ride

hand holding red flower in front of orchard

Hand Holding Red Flower In Front Of Orchard

hiker in the woods stops to tie laces

Hiker In The Woods Stops To Tie Laces

a couple strolls down a fall path

A Couple Strolls Down A Fall Path

hiker ties their shoe

Hiker Ties Their Shoe

ceramic bunny and chocolate egg

Ceramic Bunny And Chocolate Egg

walking across a wooden bridge in the forest

Walking Across A Wooden Bridge In The Forest

a quiet road in the last moments of winter

A Quiet Road In The Last Moments Of Winter

a pathway through the woods

A Pathway Through The Woods

undulating road

Undulating Road

walking down forest path in winter

Walking Down Forest Path In Winter

rickety wooden bridge surrounded by trees

Rickety Wooden Bridge Surrounded By Trees

bunny statue watches eggs

Bunny Statue Watches Eggs

cooking on gas

Cooking On Gas

murky river in winter forest

Murky River In Winter Forest

leafy winter forest path

Leafy Winter Forest Path

hiker steping on leaves as they walk through

Hiker Steping On Leaves As They Walk Through

dead grass field

Dead Grass Field

packed and ready to go

Packed And Ready To Go

dark stony stairwell dips into cave

Dark Stony Stairwell Dips Into Cave

woman leans on railing on a bridge

Woman Leans On Railing On A Bridge

seagulls on railing making their escape

Seagulls On Railing Making Their Escape

sizzle and sparkes

Sizzle And Sparkes

wrapped up for winter walk

Wrapped Up For Winter Walk

basketball net from below

Basketball Net From Below



woman walks across bridge in forest

Woman Walks Across Bridge In Forest

woman finds a clearing in the forest

Woman Finds A Clearing In The Forest

woman hikes through forest clearing

Woman Hikes Through Forest Clearing

snow legs

Snow Legs

lifeguard on duty

Lifeguard On Duty

woman walking through forest clearing

Woman Walking Through Forest Clearing

field of poaceae beneath blue sky

Field Of Poaceae Beneath Blue Sky

charming red barn

Charming Red Barn

a close up of moss on a tree

A Close Up Of Moss On A Tree

turn the sausages

Turn The Sausages

an empty wooden trail in the woods

An Empty Wooden Trail In The Woods

feet in sneakers pointed towards open ocean off rocky shore

Feet In Sneakers Pointed Towards Open Ocean Off Rocky Shore

woman takes a moment while on a hike

Woman Takes A Moment While On A Hike

wooden path through field

Wooden Path Through Field

stirring the pot

Stirring The Pot

a porcelain rabbit greets us

A Porcelain Rabbit Greets Us

a stone bridge seen from below

A Stone Bridge Seen From Below

wooden walkway through field

Wooden Walkway Through Field

wrapped up warm

Wrapped Up Warm

sneaky treats

Sneaky Treats

enjoying a hike in great outdoors

Enjoying A Hike In Great Outdoors

stylish hiking boots

Stylish Hiking Boots

wooden path in forest

Wooden Path In Forest