Dave Salter

Photography allows me to show the world how I would like to see it.

location British Columbia, Canada

Pink Rose Flower Ball | View photo

Dave Salter has contributed 99 photos since February 2019

large cluster of clothespins

Large Cluster Of Clothespins

fresh blueberries in bowl

Fresh Blueberries In Bowl

haunting view of bell tower framed by west coast sunset

Haunting View Of Bell Tower Framed By West Coast Sunset

puffy snowflakes cover retired railroad tracks along path

Puffy Snowflakes Cover Retired Railroad Tracks Along Path

a cool grey tree-lined rubble beach

A Cool Grey Tree-Lined Rubble Beach

pile of chocolate chips on white background

Pile Of Chocolate Chips On White Background

cream dripping into ceramic creamer

Cream Dripping Into Ceramic Creamer

industrial nature

Industrial Nature

sun sets over the bay

Sun Sets Over The Bay

thick fog cradles sailboats and shorebirds along coastline

Thick Fog Cradles Sailboats And Shorebirds Along Coastline

lilac flowers against white background

Lilac Flowers Against White Background

lilac flowers and leaves

Lilac Flowers And Leaves

panicle of lilac flowers

Panicle Of Lilac Flowers

close up flower in black and white

Close Up Flower In Black And White

a beautiful view on a cloudy day

A Beautiful View On A Cloudy Day

uprooted trees

Uprooted Trees

lush moss and ferns cover natural flagstone stairs

Lush Moss And Ferns Cover Natural Flagstone Stairs

bird of prey glides through misty sky

Bird Of Prey Glides Through Misty Sky

lovely christmas decoration

LOVEly Christmas Decoration

pink blossoms on branch

Pink Blossoms On Branch

snow covering the branches of a fir tree

Snow Covering The Branches Of A Fir Tree

pot plant tries to escape

Pot Plant Tries To Escape

spider weaving

Spider Weaving

a look across a misty lake

A Look Across A Misty Lake

burro's tail in yellow ceramic planter

Burro's Tail In Yellow Ceramic Planter

unbloomed flower in black and white

Unbloomed Flower In Black And White

half bowl of blueberries

Half Bowl Of Blueberries

freshly washed cherries

Freshly Washed Cherries

sleeping stone

Sleeping Stone

a pink and yellow flower

A Pink And Yellow Flower

lilac bloom at an angle

Lilac Bloom At An Angle

water droplets on a pink flower

Water Droplets On A Pink Flower

a motivational letter board implores you to give your all

A Motivational Letter Board Implores You To Give Your All

freshly washed cherries on display, off set to the right

Freshly Washed Cherries On Display, Off Set To The Right

freshly washed cherries on display

Freshly Washed Cherries On Display

fresh washed cherries

Fresh Washed Cherries

wishful christmas

Wishful Christmas

purple lilac and green leaves

Purple Lilac and Green Leaves

joyful christmas decorations

Joyful Christmas Decorations

blueberry bowl against black

Blueberry Bowl Against Black

pink buds and petals on a tree branch

Pink Buds And Petals On A Tree Branch

small pink flowers on a tree branch

Small Pink Flowers On A Tree Branch

looking down on freshly washed cherries

Looking Down On Freshly Washed Cherries

lilac flowers on a branch

Lilac Flowers On A Branch

tourists take in the mountainous view

Tourists Take In The Mountainous View

maple leaves covered in water droplets

Maple Leaves Covered In Water Droplets

maple leaves against a black background

Maple Leaves Against A Black Background

sea-soaked pebbles and rocks

Sea-Soaked Pebbles And Rocks

west coast lumber mill

West Coast Lumber Mill