Dave Salter

Photography allows me to show the world how I would like to see it.

location British Columbia, Canada

Green Pine Leaves Highlighted By Sunlight | View photo

Dave Salter has contributed 13 photos since February 2019

a mossy leafy autumnal path

A Mossy Leafy Autumnal Path

green pine leaves highlighted by sunlight

Green Pine Leaves Highlighted By Sunlight

a wise dog outside their kennel

A Wise Dog Outside Their Kennel

water rolls to shore on a cloudy day

Water Rolls To Shore On A Cloudy Day

a car viewed through a rain-speckled window.

A Car Viewed Through A Rain-Speckled Window.

snow covering the branches of a fir tree

Snow Covering The Branches Of A Fir Tree

a black and white sheep skull in the dust

A Black and White Sheep Skull In The Dust

pink rose flower ball

Pink Rose Flower Ball

burro's tail in yellow ceramic planter

Burro's Tail In Yellow Ceramic Planter

large cluster of clothespins

Large Cluster Of Clothespins

pile of chocolate chips on white background

Pile Of Chocolate Chips On White Background

cream dripping into ceramic creamer

Cream Dripping Into Ceramic Creamer

a look across a misty lake

A Look Across A Misty Lake