Sajjad Hussain M

A lifestyle and portrait photographer specialized in children, family, and fine art portrait photography.

location Bangalore

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Sajjad Hussain M has contributed 60 photos since December 2018

delicate hands using laptops

Delicate Hands Using Laptops

people work together on laptop

People Work Together On Laptop

people having metting outside

People Having Meeting Outside

man and woman working outside

Man And Woman Working Outside

young woman working on laptop

Young Woman Working On Laptop

close up of people working

Close Up Of People Working

young man working on patio couch

Young Man Working On Patio Couch

man smiling while by the pool

Man Smiling While By The Pool

young man against wall on his phone

Young Man Against Wall On His Phone

man sitting by the pool

Man Sitting By The Pool

hands holding a phone

Hands Holding A Phone

female executive looks out modern office window

Female Executive Looks Out Modern Office Window

busy modern office

Busy Modern Office

team shares a laugh in modern coworking space in india

Team Shares A Laugh In Modern Coworking Space In India

business flatlay in india

Business Flatlay In India

busy hands typing in flatlay

Busy Hands Typing In Flatlay

remote office setup flatlay

Remote Office Setup Flatlay

hand counting money in india

Hand Counting Money In India

coworkers sync up at table

Coworkers Sync Up At Table

laptop with wallet, phone, earbuds, and tea

Laptop With Wallet, Phone, Earbuds, And Tea

young woman taking stock of her surroundings

Young Woman Taking Stock Of Her Surroundings

small stack of indian rupee currency

Small Stack of Indian Rupee Currency

relaxing and reading

Relaxing And Reading

morning office tea and snacks

Morning Office Tea And Snacks

bakery treats in man's hand

Bakery Treats In Man's Hand

business woman footwear at the office

Business Woman Footwear At The office

team in modern office meeting room

Team In Modern Office Meeting Room

bank of india paper notes

Bank Of India Paper Notes

modern businessman in india

Modern Businessman In India

coworking space with laptops from above

Coworking Space With Laptops From Above

young entrepreneur counting money

Young Entrepreneur Counting Money

casual mens fashion in india

Casual Mens Fashion In India

woman and man on mobile phones

Woman And Man On Mobile phones

young and modern woman takes time to read

Young And Modern Woman Takes Time To Read

woman traveller using cell phone

Woman Traveller Using Cell Phone

two colleagues working together by the pool

Two Colleagues Working Together By The Pool

sipping tea in modern workspace

Sipping Tea In Modern Workspace

laptop with shopify sticker

Laptop With Shopify Sticker

fanned out rupees currency

Fanned Out Rupees Currency

indian rupees texture background

Indian Rupees Texture Background

working remotely by the pool

Working Remotely By The Pool

hotel poolside checking phones

Hotel Poolside Checking Phones

woman texting in india

Woman Texting In India

young woman working on her laptop outside

Young Woman Working On Her Laptop Outside

shopify laptop at small meeting

Shopify Laptop At Small Meeting

poolside using smart phone

Poolside Using Smart Phone

young woman enjoying a coffee break

Young Woman Enjoying A Coffee Break

woman holding up mobile smart phone

Woman Holding Up Mobile Smart Phone

modern office meeting on rooftop patio

Modern Office Meeting On Rooftop Patio

hand logs in to laptop

Hand Logs In To Laptop