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location Burlington, Ontario

Birds Flying Above Treeline | View photo

Ryan Bruce has contributed 230 photos since December 2017

mount hood peaks through forest

Mount Hood Peaks Through Forest

rock formations on oregon coast

Rock Formations On Oregon Coast

tall forest trees of oregon

Tall Forest Trees Of Oregon

helicopter flying over portland

Helicopter Flying Over Portland

leaf balances on rock by waterfall

Leaf Balances On Rock By Waterfall

modern condo architecture cubist

Modern Condo Architecture Cubist

green moss close up

Green Moss Close Up

waves crash on side of seastack

Waves Crash On Side Of Seastack

wild grass going to seed

Wild Grass Going To Seed

brick building with pillars

Brick Building With Pillars

american mount hood

American Mount Hood

portland oregon usa highway

Portland Oregon Usa Highway

large ornate church doorway and pillars

Large Ornate Church Doorway And Pillars

ripples in sand at low tide

Ripples In Sand At Low Tide

portland oregon city building

Portland Oregon City Building

crossword puzzle pen in hand

Crossword Puzzle Pen In Hand

oregon haystack rock

Oregon Haystack Rock

low tide rock formations

Low Tide Rock Formations

beat up ride cymbal

Beat Up Ride Cymbal

blue skies over rocky hill silhouette

Blue Skies Over Rocky Hill Silhouette

train station tracks and platforms

Train Station Tracks And Platforms

low tide seaside rocks

Low Tide Seaside Rocks

brick building with blue detail

Brick Building With Blue Detail

duck paddles past mountain on calm lake

Duck Paddles Past Mountain On Calm Lake

aged tree bark texture

Aged Tree Bark Texture

drumsticks resting on snare

Drumsticks Resting On Snare

open hi hats dark background

Open Hi Hats Dark Background

american mountain skyline

American Mountain Skyline

beneath a freeway angled raised roads

Beneath A Freeway Angled Raised Roads

steel bridge with metal grating

Steel Bridge With Metal Grating