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Ottawa-based traveler and photographer, shooting love, nature, and adventure.

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Cactus Basking In The Morning Sun | View photo

Pegleess Barrios has contributed 195 photos since June 2018

ocean waves swirl off rocky pacific coastline

Ocean Waves Swirl Off Rocky Pacific Coastline

cactus peeking over picket fence

Cactus Peeking Over Picket Fence

sea bird perched atop barnacle covered post off rocky shore

Sea Bird Perched Atop Barnacle Covered Post Off Rocky Shore

bride in princess gown on the beach

Bride In Princess Gown On The Beach

bridal wedding photos in gown

Bridal Wedding Photos In Gown

bride adjusts hair wedding photography

Bride Adjusts Hair Wedding Photography

tiny pumpkins big orange image

Tiny Pumpkins Big Orange Image

orange pumpkin pile close up

Orange Pumpkin Pile Close Up

outdoor wedding photos with bride

Outdoor Wedding Photos With Bride

ocean mist crawls across the water reaching rocky shores

Ocean Mist Crawls Across The Water Reaching Rocky Shores

pale and elegant bridal bouquet

Pale And Elegant Bridal Bouquet

bridal fashion model in modern wedding gown

Bridal Fashion Model In Modern Wedding Gown

lace up bodice on wedding gown

Lace Up Bodice On Wedding Gown

tree with needles grows by sea

Tree With Needles Grows By Sea

bride walks down aisle through archway

Bride Walks Down Aisle Through Archway

beach wedding bridal fashion

Beach Wedding Bridal Fashion

smiling bride on wedding day

Smiling Bride On Wedding Day

model wearing a wooly sweater leans against a railing

Model Wearing A Wooly Sweater Leans Against A Railing

bride in flowing gown climbs steps

Bride In Flowing Gown Climbs Steps

warm summer wedding day bride

Warm Summer Wedding Day Bride

white moon on crisp blue daytime sky lined by rocky cliffs

White Moon On Crisp Blue Daytime Sky Lined By Rocky Cliffs

bridal fashion near antique pillars

Bridal Fashion Near Antique Pillars

bouquet billowing skirt and beaded bodice wedding dress

Bouquet Billowing Skirt And Beaded Bodice Wedding Dress

dramatic bride photography on beach

Dramatic Bride Photography On Beach

wedding fashion gown on beach

Wedding Fashion Gown On Beach

bridal fashion beach photo

Bridal Fashion Beach Photo

stone arches surround modern bride

Stone Arches Surround Modern Bride

wedding bride fashion and beach

Wedding Bride Fashion And Beach

a jagged rocky cliffside meets the ocean water and waves

A Jagged Rocky Cliffside Meets The Ocean Water And Waves

beaded wedding dress on the beach

Beaded Wedding Dress On The Beach

wedding day bride walks down the aisle

Wedding Day Bride Walks Down The Aisle

bridal fashion on beach

Bridal Fashion On Beach

pale pink romantic bouquet for wedding

Pale Pink Romantic Bouquet For Wedding

fashion model in beaded fashion and tall grass

Fashion Model In Beaded Fashion And Tall Grass

beach destination wedding fashion

Beach Destination Wedding Fashion

wedding day by the beach

Wedding Day By The Beach

bridal model in flowing dress

Bridal Model In Flowing Dress

sunlight on brides face

Sunlight On Brides Face

bridal photography near antique architecture

Bridal Photography Near Antique Architecture

modern wedding bridal photoshoot on beach

Modern Wedding Bridal Photoshoot On Beach

bride reflects on wedding day

Bride Reflects On Wedding Day

pebbled beach with waves crashing

Pebbled Beach With Waves Crashing

bride on the beach

Bride On The Beach

bridal beach photoshoot

Bridal Beach Photoshoot

beach stones rounded by waves cover the shore

Beach Stones Rounded By Waves Cover The Shore