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Ottawa-based traveler and photographer, shooting love, nature, and adventure.

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Cactus Basking In The Morning Sun | View photo

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women in activewear take a moment to share a laugh on beach

Women In Activewear Take A Moment To Share A Laugh On Beach

lounge chairs in common area

Lounge Chairs In Common Area

bride smells flowers on wedding day

Bride Smells Flowers On Wedding Day

hills rolling over the horizon as the sun rises

Hills Rolling Over The Horizon As The Sun Rises

autumn harvest pile

Autumn Harvest Pile

pelican flies over beach cliffs

Pelican Flies Over Beach Cliffs

fresh garlic bulbs in braids at farmers market

Fresh Garlic Bulbs In Braids At Farmers Market

wedding photography bride with flowers

Wedding Photography Bride With Flowers

los angeles california street

Los Angeles California Street

plants take in the sunlight in an open field

Plants Take In The Sunlight In An Open Field

woman holding a yoga position on the beach

Woman Holding A Yoga Position On The Beach

a mature woman crosses arms reflectively

A Mature Woman Crosses Arms Reflectively

modern bride in dress and sneakers

Modern Bride In Dress And Sneakers

cactus growth by stone wall

Cactus Growth By Stone Wall

sandy path leads into a shrub-covered hill

Sandy Path Leads Into A Shrub-Covered Hill

woman in a sweater stands on a beach in the morning

Woman In A Sweater Stands On A Beach In The Morning

wedding dress fashion on beach

Wedding Dress Fashion On Beach

calm pacific ocean at sunset off california coastline

Calm Pacific Ocean At Sunset Off California Coastline

woman does yoga stretches on a beach in the morning light

Woman Does Yoga Stretches On A Beach In The Morning Light

women exercising on the sand

Women Exercising On The Sand

fruit tree grows in jungle

Fruit Tree Grows In Jungle

woman strikes a tree pose on the beach

Woman Strikes A Tree Pose On The Beach

chinatown los angeles

Chinatown Los Angeles

vertical pumpkin pile

Vertical Pumpkin Pile

festive fall pumpkin pile

Festive Fall Pumpkin Pile

autumn harvest pumpkins and gourds

Autumn Harvest Pumpkins And Gourds

savannah georgia trolly on street

Savannah Georgia Trolly On Street

a beaming windswept woman of asian background

A Beaming Windswept Woman Of Asian Background

sunlight catches thorns of cacti along waterfront

Sunlight Catches Thorns Of Cacti Along Waterfront

wedding gown with beaded bodice

Wedding Gown With Beaded Bodice

wire frame cattle head art

Wire Frame Cattle Head Art

santa barbara california clay shingle rooftops

Santa Barbara California Clay Shingle Rooftops

a mature woman stares into the middle distance ponderously

A Mature Woman Stares Into The Middle Distance Ponderously

sunlight on bride on wedding day

Sunlight On Bride On Wedding Day

a mature woman ponders the sky with arms crossed

A Mature Woman Ponders The Sky With Arms Crossed

bon echo provincial park sandcastle

Bon Echo Provincial Park Sandcastle

flowing gowns and pink bridal bouquet

Flowing Gowns And Pink Bridal Bouquet

beautiful flowers in brides hands

Beautiful Flowers In Brides Hands

cactus peeking over picket fence

Cactus Peeking Over Picket Fence

wedding fashion and stone pillars

Wedding Fashion And Stone Pillars

bridal wedding photos in gown

Bridal Wedding Photos In Gown

bride sits in flowing wedding dress

Bride Sits In Flowing Wedding Dress

foamy wash on stone beach

Foamy Wash On Stone Beach

bride in princess gown on the beach

Bride In Princess Gown On The Beach

two women stretching on the beach

Two Women Stretching On The Beach

wedding day photoshoot on the beach

Wedding Day Photoshoot On The Beach

pale and elegant bridal bouquet

Pale And Elegant Bridal Bouquet

wedding gown and smiling bride

Wedding Gown And Smiling Bride

orange pumpkin pile close up

Orange Pumpkin Pile Close Up

smiling bride on wedding day

Smiling Bride On Wedding Day