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Ottawa-based traveler and photographer, shooting love, nature, and adventure.

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Cactus Basking In The Morning Sun | View photo

Pegleess Barrios has contributed 195 photos since June 2018

wire frame cattle head art

Wire Frame Cattle Head Art

flower petals huddled together near a candle

Flower Petals Huddled Together Near a Candle

a beaming mature woman in a striped sweater

A Beaming Mature Woman In A Striped Sweater

sun creeps through the bushes casting shadows

Sun Creeps Through The Bushes Casting Shadows

morning sun illuminates the hills in the distance

Morning Sun Illuminates The Hills In The Distance

sunlight rolls over the rooftop of a californian house

Sunlight Rolls Over The Rooftop Of A Californian House

wedding fashion and stone pillars

Wedding Fashion And Stone Pillars

flowers on white marble table

Flowers On White Marble Table

sunlight catches the rooftop of this californian home

Sunlight Catches The Rooftop Of This Californian Home

orange pumpkin pile close up

Orange Pumpkin Pile Close Up

a mature woman smiles into the middle distance

A Mature Woman Smiles Into The Middle Distance

fresh garlic bulbs in braids at farmers market

Fresh Garlic Bulbs In Braids At Farmers Market

woman in a sweater stands on a beach in the morning

Woman In A Sweater Stands On A Beach In The Morning

a mature woman in a sweater smiling

A Mature Woman In A Sweater Smiling

sun catching the mist on the water

Sun Catching The Mist On The Water

wedding fashion gown on beach

Wedding Fashion Gown On Beach

woman stands thoughtful on a beach in the morning sun

Woman Stands Thoughtful On A Beach In The Morning Sun

beautiful flowers in brides hands

Beautiful Flowers In Brides Hands

wedding day photoshoot on the beach

Wedding Day Photoshoot On The Beach

beautiful wedding bouquet and bride

Beautiful Wedding Bouquet And Bride

sunlight on bride on wedding day

Sunlight On Bride On Wedding Day

flowing gowns and pink bridal bouquet

Flowing Gowns And Pink Bridal Bouquet

wedding gown and smiling bride

Wedding Gown And Smiling Bride

foamy wash on stone beach

Foamy Wash On Stone Beach

bridal wedding photos in gown

Bridal Wedding Photos In Gown

tiny pumpkins big orange image

Tiny Pumpkins Big Orange Image

plants take in the sunlight in an open field

Plants Take In The Sunlight In An Open Field

beach wedding bridal fashion

Beach Wedding Bridal Fashion

hills rolling over the horizon as the sun rises

Hills Rolling Over The Horizon As The Sun Rises

modern bride in dress and sneakers

Modern Bride In Dress And Sneakers

bridal fashion model in modern wedding gown

Bridal Fashion Model In Modern Wedding Gown

beach bride wedding photos

Beach Bride Wedding Photos

sandy path leads into a shrub-covered hill

Sandy Path Leads Into A Shrub-Covered Hill

smiling bride on wedding day

Smiling Bride On Wedding Day

bridal fashion near antique pillars

Bridal Fashion Near Antique Pillars

pale and elegant bridal bouquet

Pale And Elegant Bridal Bouquet

bridal bouquet walking down aisle

Bridal Bouquet Walking Down Aisle

a mature woman stares into the middle distance ponderously

A Mature Woman Stares Into The Middle Distance Ponderously

woman holding a yoga position on the beach

Woman Holding A Yoga Position On The Beach

bride in wedding fashion

Bride In Wedding Fashion

lace up bodice on wedding gown

Lace Up Bodice On Wedding Gown

bride in princess gown on the beach

Bride In Princess Gown On The Beach

bridal model in flowing dress

Bridal Model In Flowing Dress

women in activewear take a beachside hike on a sandy path

Women In Activewear Take A Beachside Hike On A Sandy Path

woman does yoga stretches on a beach in the morning light

Woman Does Yoga Stretches On A Beach In The Morning Light

bride sits in flowing wedding dress

Bride Sits In Flowing Wedding Dress

pink rose wedding bouquet held by bride

Pink Rose Wedding Bouquet Held By Bride

bride in flowing gown climbs steps

Bride In Flowing Gown Climbs Steps

a mature woman crosses arms reflectively

A Mature Woman Crosses Arms Reflectively

fashion model in beaded fashion and tall grass

Fashion Model In Beaded Fashion And Tall Grass