Nicole De Khors

Nicole is a Toronto based photographer, director, videographer, and editor. Stills to motion, film to digital, she loves to work within various mediums. Whether shooting major music festivals, experimenting with portraits in the studio, or directing a commercial project, her work is always clean and intentional. Nicole is always looking to collaborate and create beautiful visuals with new clients and artists. She is the proud co-owner of Sorry Studio, a boutique studio space in Toronto’s west end.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Nicole De Khors has contributed 1161 photos since June 2017

christmas tree with ball decorations

Christmas Tree With Ball Decorations

photographer in action

Photographer In Action

tree trunk with squirrel in snow

Tree Trunk With Squirrel In Snow

releasing tension at spa

Releasing Tension At Spa

sewer grate in pavement

Sewer Grate In Pavement

figure skates ornament on tree

Figure Skates Ornament On Tree

friends celebrate new years eve

Friends Celebrate New Years Eve

friends make noise for new years

Friends Make Noise For New Years

letters spell reading

Letters Spell Reading

light on wet pine tree

Light On Wet Pine Tree

dancer in heels

Dancer In Heels

lights and ornaments on tree

Lights And Ornaments On Tree

combination lock secure

Combination Lock Secure

red traffic light & street sign

Red Traffic Light & Street Sign

stone column architecture

Stone Column Architecture

christmas countdown sign at night

Christmas Countdown Sign At Night

black squirrel snacking

Black Squirrel Snacking

subway entrance sign

Subway Entrance Sign

greenhouse architecure design

Greenhouse Architecure Design

carousel lights at night

Carousel Lights At Night

jet ski on water

Jet Ski On Water

pigeon in the park

Pigeon In The Park

carousel horses bright lights

Carousel Horses Bright Lights

vaulted ceiling architecture

Vaulted Ceiling Architecture

icicle ornament on tree

Icicle Ornament On Tree

basball field at night

Basball Field At Night

friends cheers and wrap arms

Friends Cheers And Wrap Arms

two parked fire engines

Two Parked Fire Engines

massage therapist treating woman

Massage Therapist Treating Woman

father and daugher smiling

Father And Daugher Smiling

sheep resting

Sheep Resting

hand holding baseball

Hand Holding Baseball

happy new year 2018

Happy New Year 2018

pedestrian walk light

Pedestrian Walk Light

man in formal wear for new year's

Man In Formal Wear For New Year's

woman relaxing at spa

Woman Relaxing At Spa

bikes parked near stone building

Bikes Parked Near Stone Building

modern bronze chandelier from below

Modern Bronze Chandelier From Below

curved city architecture

Curved City Architecture

christmas tree with lights and ornaments

Christmas Tree With Lights And Ornaments

baseball game equipment

Baseball Game Equipment

picnic tables in a snowy park

Picnic Tables In A Snowy Park

baseball gear behind fence

Baseball Gear Behind Fence

long gold pinecone ornament

Long Gold Pinecone Ornament

professional back massage therapy

Professional Back Massage Therapy

north american north

North American North

black & white hen

Black & White Hen

ferris wheel lights

Ferris Wheel Lights

no smoking sign on sidewalk

No Smoking Sign On Sidewalk

pedestrian stop light

Pedestrian Stop Light