Nicole De Khors

I am a music, fashion, and events photographer, cinematographer, and editor based out of Toronto, ON. I love being on stage, on set, and everywhere else I have the opportunity to take amazing shots. Always looking for new ways to grow and experiment in the field of photography!

location Toronto, Ontario

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Nicole De Khors has contributed 1161 photos since June 2017

birthday cake from above

Birthday Cake From Above

combination lock secure

Combination Lock Secure

soft santa christmas countdown

Soft Santa Christmas Countdown

friends celebrate new years eve

Friends Celebrate New Years Eve

birthday cake & candles

Birthday Cake & Candles

victoria bc town hall building

Victoria BC Town Hall Building

man in formal wear for new year's

Man In Formal Wear For New Year's

neon toothbrush light

Neon Toothbrush Light

senior woman in park

Senior Woman In Park

sunset behind power lines

Sunset Behind Power Lines

white pizza and herbs

White Pizza And Herbs

octopus on glass

Octopus On Glass

palm trees street light

Palm Trees Street Light

lifeguard station on beach

Lifeguard Station On Beach

shimmering black lipstick

Shimmering Black Lipstick

bonsai tree

Bonsai Tree

flatlay of spa decorations

Flatlay Of Spa Decorations

led open sign

LED Open Sign

bruschetta with balsamic on pan

Bruschetta With Balsamic On Pan

concerned senior citizen

Concerned Senior Citizen

pizza and toppings in box

Pizza And Toppings In Box

cactus closeup

Cactus Closeup

pigeon in the park

Pigeon In The Park

grandma knitting hands

Grandma Knitting Hands

silver tray with christmas decorations

Silver Tray With Christmas Decorations

sewer grate in pavement

Sewer Grate In Pavement

greenhouse architecure design

Greenhouse Architecure Design

icy winter tree

Icy Winter Tree

cake icing decoration

Cake Icing Decoration

massage therapy

Massage Therapy

happy new year 2018

Happy New Year 2018

spa candle and stones

Spa Candle And Stones

holiday ornaments on lit tree

Holiday Ornaments On Lit Tree

aged barn

Aged Barn

covered boat on lake

Covered Boat On Lake

black squirrel snacking

Black Squirrel Snacking

stop signs on streetcar doors

Stop Signs On Streetcar Doors

professional back massage therapy

Professional Back Massage Therapy

pizza with herbs in box

Pizza With Herbs In Box

red ball ornament on tree

Red Ball Ornament On Tree

snow covered pine tree branch

Snow Covered Pine Tree Branch

porceline tree with lights

Porceline Tree With Lights

fashionable woman by waterfall

Fashionable Woman By Waterfall

light on wet pine tree

Light On Wet Pine Tree

massage therapist treating woman

Massage Therapist Treating Woman

apple cocktail

Apple Cocktail

jet ski on water

Jet Ski On Water

gentlemen celebrate the new year

Gentlemen Celebrate The New Year

cow lying down

Cow Lying Down

hand holding baseball

Hand Holding Baseball