Nicole De Khors

I am a music, fashion, and events photographer, cinematographer, and editor based out of Toronto, ON. I love being on stage, on set, and everywhere else I have the opportunity to take amazing shots. Always looking for new ways to grow and experiment in the field of photography!

location Toronto, Ontario

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Nicole De Khors has contributed 1161 photos since June 2017

choppy water cloudy sky

Choppy Water Cloudy Sky

female relaxing at spa

Female Relaxing At Spa

blonde model at night

Blonde Model At Night

courier delivery zone sign

Courier Delivery Zone Sign

icy tree branches

Icy Tree Branches

eye shadow palette & brushes

Eye Shadow Palette & Brushes

puzzle piece mess

Puzzle Piece Mess

woman in lace

Woman In Lace

classy champagne in mans hands

Classy Champagne In Mans Hands

candle in natural stone holder

Candle In Natural Stone Holder

old hands in young hands

Old Hands In Young Hands

rainy glass roof

Rainy Glass Roof

blond woman with winter pine

Blond Woman With Winter Pine



surrounded by watermelon

Surrounded By Watermelon

silly faces and hot cocoa

Silly Faces And Hot Cocoa

men look at sun

Men Look At Sun

cold winter leaf

Cold Winter Leaf

stylish young woman

Stylish Young Woman

neon tattoo sign

Neon Tattoo Sign

smiling dancer

Smiling Dancer

gold christmas gift wrap

Gold Christmas Gift Wrap

antique phones

Antique Phones

halloween candy bowl

Halloween Candy Bowl

white pizza slices and cutter

White Pizza Slices And Cutter

gold gift box

Gold Gift Box

frozen tree

Frozen Tree

neon spa sign

Neon Spa Sign

waves crash on rocks

Waves Crash On Rocks

blue & green open neon

Blue & Green Open Neon

ice coated leaves

Ice Coated Leaves

horse on farm

Horse On Farm

mother and daughter on carousel

Mother And Daughter On Carousel

secure on chalkboard with locks

Secure On Chalkboard With Locks

champagne cheers and luxury

Champagne Cheers And Luxury

cyber monday sale

Cyber Monday Sale

no smoking sign

No Smoking Sign

holding grandma's hands

Holding Grandma's Hands

man working out with weights

Man Working Out With Weights

wooden russian dolls in window

Wooden Russian Dolls In Window

china town neon

China Town Neon

handful of shells

Handful Of Shells

decorated christmas tree

Decorated Christmas Tree

happy cyber monday

Happy Cyber Monday

new years celebration

New Years Celebration

hand using key in door

Hand Using Key In Door

exercise bike

Exercise Bike

man in tuxedo with champagne

Man In Tuxedo With Champagne

spa candles towels

Spa Candles Towels

key to padlock in hand

Key To Padlock In Hand