Nicole De Khors

I am a music, fashion, and events photographer, cinematographer, and editor based out of Toronto, ON. I love being on stage, on set, and everywhere else I have the opportunity to take amazing shots. Always looking for new ways to grow and experiment in the field of photography!

location Toronto, Ontario

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Nicole De Khors has contributed 1161 photos since June 2017

monarch butterfly perched

Monarch Butterfly Perched

dad and daughter watching carousel

Dad And daughter Watching Carousel

fitness weight lifting

Fitness Weight Lifting

octopus arms

Octopus Arms

smiling woman in cap holding snow

Smiling Woman In Cap Holding Snow

friendship to the rescue

Friendship To The Rescue

family card game

Family Card Game

woman looking away

Woman Looking Away

seniors using technology

Seniors Using Technology

smiling man in formalwear

Smiling Man In Formalwear

man thinking

Man Thinking

view of summer

View Of Summer

jack rabbits

Jack Rabbits

woman on exercise bike

Woman On Exercise Bike

happy new year flatlay

Happy New Year Flatlay

neon beauty sign

Neon Beauty Sign

old fashioned telephone

Old Fashioned Telephone

nail polish with flowers

Nail Polish With Flowers

kitchen whisk tool in hand

Kitchen Whisk Tool In Hand

candles and natural oil at spa

Candles And Natural Oil At Spa

black and white woman gets makeup

Black And White Woman Gets Makeup

older man looking

Older Man Looking

exercise balance

Exercise Balance

retro young woman

Retro Young Woman

construction scaffolding

Construction Scaffolding

love letters and romance

Love Letters And Romance

senior man & woman

Senior Man & Woman

woman on bed in candle light

Woman On Bed In Candle Light

candles glow with spa decor

Candles Glow With Spa Decor

light flare behind woman in snowy wood

Light Flare Behind Woman In Snowy Wood

new years party champagne

New Years Party Champagne

woman looks down

Woman Looks Down

pink blue sky

Pink Blue Sky

mens formalwear & smile

Mens Formalwear & Smile

chalkboard cyber monday

Chalkboard Cyber Monday

confused young man

Confused Young Man

man pointing at you

Man Pointing At You

train tracks in city

Train Tracks In City

decorations at spa

Decorations At Spa

large wooden wine barells in frame

Large Wooden Wine Barells In Frame

brushing on makeup

Brushing On Makeup

christmas market at night

Christmas Market At Night

brightly iced cake

Brightly Iced Cake

black and white lips

Black And White Lips

looking out to sea

Looking Out To Sea

laughing kid boy

Laughing Kid Boy

halloween cady boxes

Halloween Cady Boxes

forest rain fall

Forest Rain Fall

summer smiles by the water

Summer Smiles By The Water

blond woman in the snow

Blond Woman In The Snow