Nicole De Khors

I am a music, fashion, and events photographer, cinematographer, and editor based out of Toronto, ON. I love being on stage, on set, and everywhere else I have the opportunity to take amazing shots. Always looking for new ways to grow and experiment in the field of photography!

location Toronto, Ontario

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Nicole De Khors has contributed 1161 photos since June 2017

rainy window pane

Rainy Window Pane

dancer in tutu sitting

Dancer In Tutu Sitting

elderly hands holding ipad

Elderly Hands Holding iPad

business woman through city window

Business Woman Through City Window

christmas fireplace on tv

Christmas Fireplace On TV

lingerie champagne lipstick roses

Lingerie Champagne Lipstick Roses

beach volleyball courts

Beach Volleyball Courts

smiles & styles

Smiles & Styles

love and rose petals

Love And Rose Petals

celebrate new beginnings cocktails

Celebrate New Beginnings Cocktails

cheers to a new year

Cheers To A New Year

man in suit & bowtie

Man In Suit & Bowtie

happiness in the snow and sunshine

Happiness In The Snow And Sunshine

towels bath bombs and candles

Towels Bath Bombs And Candles

cross fit stretch

Cross Fit Stretch

red roses and lipstick

Red Roses And Lipstick

family games night

Family Games Night

pink flowers in water

Pink Flowers In Water

old age love

Old Age Love

woman getting massage

Woman Getting Massage

wildflower bushes

Wildflower Bushes

2018 balloons and champagne

2018 Balloons And Champagne

big smile on woman

Big Smile on Woman

massage reference charts art

Massage Reference Charts Art

fitness balancing

Fitness Balancing

woman at spa getting facial

Woman At Spa Getting Facial

man smiles with phone

Man Smiles With Phone

halloween foggy drinks

Halloween Foggy Drinks

shells in sand

Shells In Sand

red roses lace and lingerie

Red Roses Lace And Lingerie

spa nail polish and brushes

Spa Nail Polish And Brushes

woman standing snowy wood

Woman Standing Snowy Wood

flatlay happy new year

Flatlay Happy New Year

camping tents

Camping Tents

puzzlie pieces from above

Puzzlie Pieces From Above

retired couple on tablet

Retired Couple On Tablet

elderly hand holding

Elderly Hand Holding

yellow cottage on lake

Yellow Cottage On Lake

succulent closeup

Succulent Closeup

woman on exercise bike

Woman On Exercise Bike

man in formalwear

Man In Formalwear

american flag in sun

American Flag In Sun

friendship to the rescue

Friendship To The Rescue

mens formalwear

Mens Formalwear

fitness weight lifting

Fitness Weight Lifting

smiling woman in cap holding snow

Smiling Woman In Cap Holding Snow

happy new year flatlay

Happy New Year Flatlay

chalkboard sale sign

Chalkboard Sale Sign

toronto city hall sign

Toronto City Hall Sign

holiday shopping sale signs

Holiday Shopping Sale Signs