Nicole De Khors

I am a music, fashion, and events photographer, cinematographer, and editor based out of Toronto, ON. I love being on stage, on set, and everywhere else I have the opportunity to take amazing shots. Always looking for new ways to grow and experiment in the field of photography!

location Toronto, Ontario

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Nicole De Khors has contributed 1174 photos since June 2017

smirking young man

Smirking Young Man

cross fit stretch

Cross Fit Stretch

woman on exercise bike

Woman On Exercise Bike

spa tools and decorations

Spa Tools And Decorations

kid boy ready for dinner

Kid Boy Ready For Dinner

woman standing snowy wood

Woman Standing Snowy Wood

silver and gold party decor

Silver And Gold Party Decor

black friday in chalk

Black Friday In Chalk

online shopping sale

Online Shopping Sale

friendship to the rescue

Friendship To The Rescue

man works out hard

Man Works Out Hard

retro young woman

Retro Young Woman

rainy window pane

Rainy Window Pane

father holding child looking up

Father Holding Child Looking Up

halloween foggy drinks

Halloween Foggy Drinks

smiling man in formalwear

Smiling Man In Formalwear

mens formalwear

Mens Formalwear

mens formalwear & smile

Mens Formalwear & Smile

sale signs

Sale Signs

november sale calendar

November Sale Calendar

woman by pool with drink

Woman By Pool With Drink

pink flowers in water

Pink Flowers In Water

happy new year selfie

Happy New Year Selfie

flowers nail polish flatlay

Flowers Nail Polish Flatlay

smiling woman in cap holding snow

Smiling Woman In Cap Holding Snow

old age love

Old Age Love

burning celebration sparkler

Burning Celebration Sparkler

sparkling wine to celebrate

Sparkling Wine To Celebrate

man in suit thinking

Man In Suit Thinking

man in blue jacket

Man In Blue Jacket

man in formalwear

Man In Formalwear

long blond haired woman

Long Blond Haired Woman

man in suit & bowtie

Man In Suit & Bowtie

older man & woman

Older Man & Woman

model sitting pose

Model Sitting Pose

elderly hands holding ipad

Elderly Hands Holding iPad

pouring party drinks

Pouring Party Drinks

light flare behind woman in snowy wood

Light Flare Behind Woman In Snowy Wood

nail polish with flowers

Nail Polish With Flowers

silver gold and champagne

Silver Gold And Champagne

soccer ball in grass

Soccer Ball In Grass

fire truck at fire station

Fire Truck At Fire Station

light reflects on water

Light Reflects On Water

selfie with grandma

Selfie With Grandma

happiness in the snow and sunshine

Happiness In The Snow And Sunshine

octopus arms

Octopus Arms

senior teaching young man

Senior Teaching Young Man

wrapped in happy

Wrapped In Happy

love and rose petals

Love And Rose Petals

model in red suit with sheer top

Model In Red Suit With Sheer Top