Mukesh Mishra

Mukesh Mishra here from Bangalore,India. An Software Engineer by profession & Wildlife photographer by passion. My love of Photography started at the age of 19 when seeing my college faculty capturing beautiful images of birds that inspired me.

location Bangalore

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Anhinga Bird Stretching Wings | View photo

Mukesh Mishra has contributed 21 photos since January 2019

young boy holds hands up outside mosque

Young Boy Holds Hands Up Outside Mosque

bird with blue beak perched on branch

Bird With Blue Beak Perched On Branch

crane with caught fish in beak

Crane With Caught Fish In Beak

spot-billed pelican in water

Spot-Billed Pelican In Water

food for baby bird

Food For Baby Bird

bright green bird with wide open beak

Bright Green Bird With Wide Open Beak

brown and white bird puffed up

Brown And White Bird Puffed Up

bulbul crested bird eating berries

Bulbul Crested Bird Eating Berries

falcon standing in short grass

Falcon Standing In Short Grass

anhinga bird stretching wings

Anhinga Bird Stretching Wings

pair of red-cheeked birds on branch

Pair Of Red-Cheeked Birds On Branch

small brown bird perched on rock

Small Brown Bird Perched On Rock

yellow-breasted sunbird on green stalk

Yellow-Breasted Sunbird On Green Stalk

brown duck swimming

Brown Duck Swimming

two spotted birds near shallow water

Two Spotted Birds Near Shallow Water

brahminy kite with fresh fish catch

Brahminy Kite With Fresh Fish Catch

colorful bird holding berry in beak

Colorful Bird Holding Berry In Beak

pair of spice finches perched on rim of bird bath

Pair Of Spice Finches Perched On Rim Of Bird Bath

fantail bird bathing in shallow water

Fantail Bird Bathing In Shallow Water

spotted bird hops across mossy ground

Spotted Bird Hops Across Mossy Ground

jungle babbler perched on stump

Jungle Babbler Perched On Stump