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Mayank Badhan has contributed 19 photos since January 2019

paris streets aerial

Paris Streets Aerial

louvre and pyramid

Louvre And Pyramid

pyramide du louvre

Pyramide du Louvre

winged victory of samothrace statue

Winged Victory of Samothrace Statue

louvre skylights

Louvre Skylights

modern and classic louvre

Modern And Classic Louvre

louvre park and grounds in france

Louvre Park and Grounds In France

walkways through paris gallery grounds

Walkways Through Paris Gallery Grounds

frescoes in the chapel of versailles

Frescoes In The Chapel Of Versailles

tourists beneath fresces at versailles

Tourists Beneath Frescoes At Versailles

basilica view down pedestrian street

Basilica View Down Pedestrian Street

gold-trimmed frescoes and crystal chandeliers

Gold-Trimmed Frescoes And Crystal Chandeliers

tourists snapping pics outside the louvre

Tourists Snapping Pics Outside the Louvre

tourists gather outside le louvre

Tourists Gather Outside Le Louvre

descending grand staircase in french museum

Descending Grand Staircase In French Museum

tourists wander through versailles hallways

Tourists Wander Through Versailles Hallways

wide exterior shot of the palace of versailles

Wide Exterior Shot of the Palace of Versailles

groups of tourists in museum courtyard

Groups Of Tourists In Museum Courtyard

snapping selfies at versailles

Snapping Selfies At Versailles