Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Prairie Woman At Sunset | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 3017 photos since February 2017

sliced orange, lemon, and lime

Sliced Orange, Lemon, And Lime

citrus fruit bunch

Citrus Fruit Bunch

orange slice glowing light

Orange Slice Glowing Light

bright light through citrus slices

Bright Light Through Citrus Slices

perfect circle of suburban neighborhood

Perfect Circle Of Suburban Neighborhood

happy new year's eve selfie

Happy New Year's Eve Selfie

cheers to new years

Cheers To New Years

happy new year fashion

Happy New Year Fashion

champagne top up

Champagne Top Up

happy new year couple

Happy New Year Couple

elegant red formal fashion

Elegant Red Formal Fashion

formal 2019 celebration

Formal 2019 Celebration

couple entwined arms toast

Couple Entwined Arms Toast

happy new year sparkler party

Happy New Year Sparkler Party

sparkler party decor

Sparkler Party Decor

the year 2019

The Year 2019

friends celebrate in formal fashion

Friends Celebrate In Formal Fashion

man holding party balloons

Man Holding Party Balloons

golden new years confetti

Golden New Years Confetti

sparkler buddies

Sparkler Buddies

three party balloons

Three Party Balloons

party balloons in front of faces

Party Balloons In front Of Faces

black, silver, and gold balloons

Black, Silver, And Gold Balloons

happy new year glitz and gold

Happy New Year Glitz And Gold

hello 2019

Hello 2019

two thousand nineteen

Two Thousand Nineteen

laughing in 2019

Laughing In 2019

peek a boo 2019

Peek A Boo 2019

best year ever crown

Best Year Ever Crown

burning sparkler close up

Burning Sparkler Close Up

lit sparkler and smile

Lit Sparkler And Smile

formal party toast

Formal Party Toast

candid shot of women laughing while holding champagne

Candid Shot Of Women Laughing While Holding Champagne

three friends toasting with champagne

Three Friends Toasting With Champagne

woman in gold dress holding champagne flute

Woman In Gold Dress Holding Champagne Flute

selfie wall posing with props

Selfie Wall Posing With Props

all smiles for party sparklers

All Smiles For Party Sparklers

three balloons held against wall

Three Balloons Held Against Wall

women having fun

Women Having Fun

golden glamorous fashion

Golden Glamorous Fashion

model poses in velvet fashion

Model Poses In Velvet Fashion

blossoms and fashion

Blossoms And Fashion

woman poses with orange blossoms

Woman Poses With Orange Blossoms

model poses with hanging flowers

Model Poses With Hanging Flowers

womens fashion with bubblegum

Womens Fashion With Bubblegum

women pose with gold

Women Pose With Gold

candy and fashion

Candy And Fashion

clear blue water on rock side

Clear Blue Water On Rock Side

bridge on mountain side

Bridge On Mountain Side

small church spire lit up

Small Church Spire Lit Up