Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Prairie Woman At Sunset | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 2816 photos since February 2017

drone image of cyclist

Drone Image Of Cyclist

abstract image of beach scene

Abstract Image Of Beach Scene

close up of wooden cross on table

Close Up Of Wooden Cross On Table

close up of hand holding compass

Close Up Of Hand Holding Compass

landscape image of open compass

Landscape Image Of Open Compass

young woman with compass and notebook

Young Woman With Compass And Notebook

open notebook on world map

Open Notebook On World Map

autumn trees covering the landscape

Autumn Trees Covering The Landscape

winding road covered in autumn trees

Winding Road Covered In Autumn Trees

park with maple leaf and autumn trees

Park With Maple Leaf And Autumn Trees

portrait image of contrast between sand and sea

Portrait Image Of Contrast Between Sand And Sea

sale written in lights

Sale Written In Lights

contrast between sand and sea

Contrast Between Sand And Sea

holding compass up

Holding Compass Up

flatlay of travel essentials

Flatlay Of Travel Essentials

abandoned swimming pool next to highway

Abandoned Swimming Pool Next To Highway

colorful trees surrounding houses

Colorful Trees Surrounding Houses

tennis courts in autumn

Tennis Courts In Autumn

close up of a compass

Close Up Of A Compass

flatlay on world map

Flatlay On World Map

young woman holding compass over map

Young Woman Holding Compass Over Map

love heart drawn in lights

Love Heart Drawn In Lights

festive scene with christmas tree

Festive Scene With Christmas Tree

christmas tree drawn in lights

Christmas Tree Drawn In Lights

2019 written in lights

2019 Written In Lights

portrait image of open compass

Portrait Image Of Open Compass

portrait image of festive scene

Portrait Image Of Festive Scene

compass held above world map

Compass Held Above World Map

compass held in the hand

Compass Held In The Hand

open compass on world map

Open Compass On World Map

decorations in front of lights

Decorations In Front Of Lights

consulting a map and compass

Consulting A Map And Compass

planning a hike with map and compass

Planning A Hike With Map And Compass

yellow maple leaf on a country road

Yellow Maple Leaf On A Country Road

flat lay of autumn leaves changing color

Flat Lay Of Autumn Leaves Changing Color

hiker looks down at boots and leaves

Hiker Looks Down At Boots And Leaves

compass on a map of austria

Compass On A Map of Austria

retro tv with static on-screen

Retro TV With Static On-Screen

retro television set with antenna

Retro Television Set With Antenna

yellow tv set on monochromatic seamless backdrop

Yellow TV Set On Monochromatic Seamless Backdrop

plugged in vintage tv on purple infinity background

Plugged In Vintage TV on Purple Infinity Background

monochromatic vintage tv on simple background

Monochromatic Vintage TV On Simple Background

static on a plastic tv on purple background

Static On A Plastic TV On Purple Background

tuning a vintage television set

Tuning A Vintage Television Set

railway tracks stretch through fall trees

Railway Tracks Stretch Through Fall Trees

hand holding out antique cross

Hand Holding Out Antique Cross

woman enjoys the autumn views

Woman Enjoys The Autumn Views

fall fashion holding red autumn leaf

Fall Fashion Holding Red Autumn Leaf

couple holds hands hiking waterfalls

Couple Holds Hands Hiking Waterfalls

natural hiking path with fall leaves scattered

Natural Hiking Path With Fall Leaves Scattered