Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Prairie Woman At Sunset | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 3777 photos since February 2017

wheel of carnival

Wheel Of Carnival

sky wheel

Sky Wheel

ferris wheel at dusk

Ferris Wheel At Dusk

the carnival is closing

The Carnival Is Closing

cloudy ferris wheel ride

Cloudy Ferris Wheel Ride

the dark carnival

The Dark Carnival

clouded streets

Clouded Streets

who needs coffee

Who Needs Coffee

little coffee shop tunnel

Little Coffee Shop Tunnel

down on the corner

Down On The Corner

coffee shop stalker

Coffee Shop Stalker

too many stairs

Too Many Stairs

stairway to nowhere

Stairway To Nowhere

grey skies over city lights

Grey Skies Over City Lights

a quiet night walk

A Quiet Night Walk

toronto sports fans

Toronto Sports Fans

romantic balcony atop an ivy-covered house

Romantic Balcony Atop An Ivy-Covered House

pink fingernails pink cocktail

Pink Fingernails Pink Cocktail

shiny classic car glows

Shiny Classic Car Glows

teal blue car peeks from under grey sheet

Teal Blue Car Peeks From Under Grey Sheet

a day in the river

A Day In The River

splish splash waterfall

Splish Splash Waterfall

don't go chasing waterfalls

Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls

a waterfalls view

A Waterfalls View

standing in the waterfall

Standing In The Waterfall

farm tracks by the forest

Farm Tracks By The Forest

where is tree waldo

Where Is Tree Waldo

flying over rivers

Flying Over Rivers

into the valley below

Into The Valley Below

cooling the countryside

Cooling The Countryside

the turbine watchman

The Turbine Watchman

a field of fans

A Field Of Fans

bite-size flat bread

Bite-size Flat Bread

red house in the sun

Red House In The Sun

stone house and gardens

Stone House And Gardens

woman holds cocktail glass

Woman Holds Cocktail Glass

woman drinking cocktail

Woman Drinking Cocktail

the air show streams

The Air Show Streams

purple and blue

Purple And Blue

forest inhabitants

Forest Inhabitants

yellowing hanging flowers

Yellowing Hanging Flowers

golden chains

Golden Chains

white falling water

White Falling Water

the forest is home

The Forest Is Home

into the woods we go

Into The Woods We Go

a tall building reflects the sunlight

A Tall Building Reflects The Sunlight

a protest in the street holds up mobile phones

A Protest In the Street Holds Up Mobile Phones

protestors hold up mobile phones

Protestors Hold Up Mobile Phones

two builders smile from scaffolding

Two Builders Smile From Scaffolding

a crowd holds up their phones in the sun

A Crowd Holds Up Their Phones In The Sun