Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Prairie Woman At Sunset | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 3458 photos since February 2017

tree bark texture close up

Tree Bark Texture Close Up

texture of old tree

Texture Of Old Tree

waterfalls on wide river

Waterfalls On Wide River

wet swan head

Wet Swan Head

swan feeding on black water

Swan Feeding On Black Water

waterfall in crater

Waterfall In Crater

swan feeding

Swan Feeding

swan gives side-eye

Swan Gives Side-Eye

close up of tree bark

Close Up Of Tree Bark

magnolia bud

Magnolia Bud

man covering face with hands

Man Covering Face With Hands

man conquers nature

Man Conquers Nature

river meanders

River Meanders

wide waterfall from above

Wide Waterfall From Above

bird island

Bird Island

natural destruction

Natural Destruction

use your brain

Use Your Brain

waterfall over rock face

Waterfall Over Rock Face

the long commute

The Long Commute

waterfall into a crater

Waterfall Into A Crater

demolition of a building

Demolition Of A Building

waterfall quarry

Waterfall Quarry

washing skyscraper windows

Washing Skyscraper Windows

washing windows on a rope

Washing Windows On A Rope

underground commute

Underground Commute

taking a moment

Taking A Moment

snowy trees divided by a staircase

Snowy Trees Divided By A Staircase

a cluster of frosty tree-tops

A Cluster Of Frosty Tree-Tops

the snow-white trees clustered together

The Snow-White Trees Clustered Together

snowy rooftops amidst frosty trees

Snowy Rooftops Amidst Frosty Trees

a small waterfall framed by a highway

A Small Waterfall Framed By A Highway

a stream cut dark shapes through the snow

A Stream Cut Dark Shapes Through The Snow

a stream flows through the snowy landscape

A Stream Flows Through The Snowy Landscape

the frost-covered trees huddle in winter

The Frost-Covered Trees Huddle In Winter

snow-covered stairs cut shapes through snow-capped trees

Snow-Covered Stairs Cut Shapes Through Snow-Capped Trees

a waterfall in a rocky cavern

A Waterfall In A Rocky Cavern

a young woman gazes across the scenery

A Young Woman Gazes Across The Scenery

people walking a dog through the woods

People Walking A Dog Through The Woods

rugged hiking boots stood on rocks

Rugged Hiking Boots Stood On Rocks

waterfall crashes at the bottom of a rockface

Waterfall Crashes At The Bottom Of A Rockface

a model covers her face with her hands

A Model Covers Her Face With Her Hands

a woman buries her face in her hands

A Woman Buries Her Face In Her Hands

a model stares straight into your soul

A Model Stares Straight Into Your Soul

a woman tosses her hair

A Woman Tosses Her Hair

a model in summer wear sits with knee to chest

A Model In Summer Wear Sits With Knee To Chest

a woman rests head on knee and stares thoughtfully

A Woman Rests Head On Knee And Stares Thoughtfully

a model holds knee to chest on chair pensively

A Model Holds Knee To Chest On Chair Pensively

three models share a smile on a grey sofa

Three Models Share A Smile On A Grey Sofa

lush palm fronds crowded together in sunshine

Lush Palm Fronds Crowded Together In Sunshine

the singing tower framed by florida palm trees

The Singing Tower Framed By Florida Palm Trees