Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5063 photos since February 2017

metalwork with blowtorch

Metalwork With Blowtorch

rear view of jewelers desk

Rear View Of Jewelers Desk

outer walls of building with several windows

Outer Walls Of Building With Several Windows

palace tourists

Palace Tourists

striking white chicken portrait

Striking White Chicken Portrait

gnarly tree bark

Gnarly Tree Bark

steep rock face behind weathered trees

Steep Rock Face Behind Weathered Trees

classy brown chicken

Classy Brown Chicken

santa eats a cookie

Santa Eats A Cookie

sitting on a ladder

Sitting On A Ladder

abstract marbled colors in pink and purple

Abstract Marbled Colors In Pink And Purple

a fisherman reels in

A Fisherman Reels In

winter log pile

Winter Log Pile

pile of screws

Pile Of Screws

scrubby desert hillside

Scrubby Desert Hillside

time's up on a typewriter machine

Time's Up On A Typewriter Machine

old barn with missing section surrounded by snow

Old Barn With Missing Section Surrounded By Snow

black oven mitt holds tray of oranges in the oven

Black Oven Mitt Holds Tray Of Oranges In The Oven

bridge over frozen waters

Bridge Over Frozen Waters

boat on city river

Boat On City River

shadows cast over brussels griffon puppy

Shadows Cast Over Brussels Griffon Puppy

niagra fall lower viewing platform

Niagra Fall Lower Viewing Platform

basket of berries

Basket Of Berries

person holds an interior design book on their lap

Person Holds An Interior Design Book On Their Lap

wooden chess set in partial window light

Wooden Chess Set In Partial Window Light

person tilts silver tray filled with baked oranges forward

Person Tilts Silver Tray Filled With Baked Oranges Forward

fisherman stands in a large river

Fisherman Stands In A Large River

blooming blush rose

Blooming Blush Rose

woman waits on bench

Woman Waits On Bench

sparking metalwork

Sparking Metalwork

brown grass pokes out of freshly fallen snow

Brown Grass Pokes Out Of Freshly Fallen Snow

jewelers saw frames working hands

Jewelers Saw Frames Working Hands

terracotta city roofs

Terracotta City Roofs

balcony pattern

Balcony Pattern

two feet emerge from under a blanket in the morgue

Two Feet emerge From Under A Blanket In The Morgue

santas belt

Santas Belt

virus a typewritten word

Virus A Typewritten Word

weathered and stained exterior of building

Weathered And Stained Exterior Of Building

portuguese city levels

Portuguese City Levels

abstract image of purple and blue marbling color

Abstract Image Of Purple And Blue Marbling Color

rusting bumper under snow

Rusting Bumper Under Snow

beautiful rocky cliff face of lagos

Beautiful Rocky Cliff Face Of Lagos

close up of red flower on green

Close Up Of Red Flower On Green

black chicken posing

Black Chicken Posing

gnarly rhododendron tree

Gnarly Rhododendron Tree

placing some groceries in trunk for curbside pickup

Placing Some Groceries In Trunk For Curbside Pickup

womens hand cutting metal surface

Womens Hand Cutting Metal Surface

spanish moss hanging from a tree limb

Spanish Moss Hanging From A Tree Limb

laughing lizard on a plaster wall

Laughing Lizard On A Plaster Wall

a wooden chess board at the start of the game

A Wooden Chess Board At The Start Of The Game