Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

hockey player handling puck

Hockey Player Handling Puck

industrial decay

Industrial Decay

santa dips a cookie in a glass of milk

Santa Dips A Cookie In A Glass Of Milk

a lighthouse watches over a rocky coastline

A Lighthouse Watches Over A Rocky Coastline

two feet emerge from under a blanket in the morgue

Two Feet emerge From Under A Blanket In The Morgue

a etched cluster of bamboo stalks

A Etched Cluster of Bamboo stalks

classy brown chicken

Classy Brown Chicken

sharing santa

Sharing Santa

two people exchange groceries at curbside

Two People Exchange Groceries At Curbside

child meets santa

Child Meets Santa

green and sandy cliffs

Green And Sandy Cliffs

graffitied balconies

Graffitied Balconies

apartment balconies

Apartment Balconies

free shipping on typewriter

Free Shipping On Typewriter

snowy rooftops amidst frosty trees

Snowy Rooftops Amidst Frosty Trees

side of beige buildings with two windows

Side Of Beige Buildings With Two Windows

puzzle pieces scattered across a surface

Puzzle Pieces Scattered Across A Surface

gray ripples

Gray Ripples

yellow building

Yellow Building

stone tower

Stone Tower

closed on sunday

Closed On Sunday

into the woods we go

Into The Woods We Go

hanging branches capture the sunlight

Hanging Branches Capture The Sunlight

side of typewriter key tops

Side of Typewriter Key Tops

scrubby desert hillside

Scrubby Desert Hillside

church of saint ildefonso

Church Of Saint Ildefonso

balcony fun at sunset

Balcony Fun At Sunset

sumac tree against a clear blue sky

Sumac Tree Against A Clear Blue Sky

narrow pedestrian street

Narrow Pedestrian Street

hello 2019

Hello 2019

person holds silver baking tray filled with baked oranges

Person Holds Silver Baking Tray Filled With Baked Oranges

woman waits on bench

Woman Waits On Bench

merry christmas message

Merry Christmas Message

text on typewriter states you live, you learn

Text On Typewriter States You Live, You Learn

close up of a worn barn exterior

Close Up Of A Worn Barn Exterior

woman wearing purple

Woman Wearing Purple

hockey player catching their breath on the ice

Hockey Player Catching Their Breath On The Ice

typewriter with black lives matter

Typewriter With Black Lives Matter

fierce chicken gazes at camera

Fierce Chicken Gazes At Camera

virus a typewritten word in macro

Virus A Typewritten Word In Macro

a birds eye view of a city

A Birds Eye View Of A City

sliver of an island

Sliver Of An Island

mini jungle on the water

Mini Jungle On The Water

sneakers on ladder

Sneakers On Ladder

chicken through fencing

Chicken Through Fencing

little coffee shop tunnel

Little Coffee Shop Tunnel

swings wrapped with caution tape

Swings Wrapped With Caution Tape

typist says hello!

Typist Says Hello!

bfcm typed on white paper

BFCM Typed On White Paper

aerial view of swimmers

Aerial View Of Swimmers