Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5070 photos since February 2017

waterfalls on wide river

Waterfalls On Wide River

a lighthouse watches over a rocky coastline

A Lighthouse Watches Over A Rocky Coastline

clouded streets

Clouded Streets

person relaxing reading a large coffee table book

Person Relaxing Reading A Large Coffee Table Book

buckle up!

Buckle Up!

a dinghy cuts through the grey sea

A Dinghy Cuts Through The Grey Sea

green pads black pond

Green Pads Black Pond

snow-covered stairs cut shapes through snow-capped trees

Snow-Covered Stairs Cut Shapes Through Snow-Capped Trees

man picks up his order from a local shop

Man Picks Up His Order From A Local Shop

toronto cityscape

Toronto Cityscape

a safety dinghy patrols icy waters

A Safety Dinghy Patrols Icy Waters

narrow pedestrian street

Narrow Pedestrian Street

mossy tree climbers

Mossy Tree Climbers

coffee on a typewriter machine

Coffee On A Typewriter Machine

white flower on branch

White Flower On Branch

slice of lime

Slice Of Lime



election on a typewriter machine

Election On A Typewriter Machine

typed text says 'travel'

Typed Text Says 'Travel'

gray ripples

Gray Ripples

man dressed as santa clutches sack

Dressed As Santa Clutches Sack

cookie and milk for santa

Cookie And Milk For Santa

ferris wheel at dusk

Ferris Wheel At Dusk

grey iron staircase between two buildings

Grey Iron Staircase Between Two Buildings

clippers trim a mans beard

Clippers Trim A Mans Beard

a birds eye view of a city

A Birds Eye View Of A City

modern building condo architecture

Modern Building Condo Architecture

red white and blue marbling abstract view

Red White And Blue Marbling Abstract View

overhead view of scrubby island

Overhead View Of Scrubby Island

apartment balconies

Apartment Balconies

chess pieces set up on a wooden chess board

Chess Pieces Set Up On A Wooden Chess Board

birds eye view of a fisherman standing in the river

Birds Eye View Of A Fisherman Standing In The River

jewelry buffing by hand

Jewelry Buffing By Hand

rocky mountain desert

Rocky Mountain Desert

wooden chess set in partial window light

Wooden Chess Set In Partial Window Light

waterfall spills over jagged rock face

Waterfall Spills Over Jagged Rock Face

womens hand cutting metal surface

Womens Hand Cutting Metal Surface

puzzle pieces scattered across a surface

Puzzle Pieces Scattered Across A Surface

person sits reading a large coffee book

Person Sits Reading A Large Coffee Book

two people exchange groceries at curbside

Two People Exchange Groceries At Curbside

yallow daffodil on near dark background

Yallow Daffodil On Near Dark Background

pine needle focus

Pine Needle Focus

close up texture of romanesco broccoli

Close Up Texture Of Romanesco Broccoli

jewelers saw frames working hands

Jewelers Saw Frames Working Hands

santa presents an ornament

Santa Presents An Ornament

a wooden chess board at the start of the game

A Wooden Chess Board At The Start Of The Game

close up detailed texture of romanesco broccoli

Close Up Detailed Texture Of Romanesco Broccoli

the carnival is closing

The Carnival Is Closing

red brick building with vines

Red Brick Building With Vines

rustic old window in a stone building

Rustic Old Window In A Stone Building