Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5044 photos since February 2017

floating observation deck

Floating Observation Deck

photo of a small brussels griffon puppy dog

Photo Of A Small Brussels Griffon Puppy Dog

man holds cup and pours black coffee

Man Holds Cup And Pours Black Coffee

woman in face mask during curbside pickup

Woman In Face Mask During Curbside Pickup

coffee on a patio with face masks

Coffee On A Patio With Face Masks

second horizon

Second Horizon

a dinghy cuts through the grey sea

A Dinghy Cuts Through The Grey Sea

waterfall spills over jagged rock face

Waterfall Spills Over Jagged Rock Face

jeweler filing ring

Jeweler Filing Ring

santa's white gloves and red velvet suit

Santa's White Gloves And Red Velvet Suit

graffitied balconies

Graffitied Balconies

puzzle pieces on a black background

Puzzle Pieces On A Black Background

niagra fall lower viewing platform

Niagra Fall Lower Viewing Platform

parallel green lines

Parallel Green Lines

dry bare branches of orange tree weighed down with fruit

Dry Bare Branches Of Orange Tree Weighed Down With Fruit

teal sky peeking through moss covered branches

Teal Sky Peeking Through Moss Covered Branches

orchard hills rolling over horizon

Orchard Hills Rolling Over Horizon

aging number keypad

Aging Number Keypad



child with santa claus

Child With Santa Claus

winter log pile

Winter Log Pile

man dressed as santa clutches sack

Dressed As Santa Clutches Sack

the faint shape of a prisoner behind black prison bars

The Faint Shape Of A Prisoner Behind Black Prison Bars

small puppy paws on a white blanket

Small Puppy Paws On A White Blanket

portrait of a brussels griffon dog

Portrait Of A Brussels Griffon Dog

woman looks directly into camera

Woman Looks Directly Into Camera

colorful buildings line compact lisbon street

Colorful Buildings Line Compact Lisbon Street

sitting on a ladder

Sitting On A Ladder

black kettle and pour over coffee

Black Kettle And Pour Over Coffee

puzzle pieces scattered across a surface

Puzzle Pieces Scattered Across A Surface

santa begins his journey

Santa Begins His Journey

pencil shavings on white

Pencil Shavings On White

close up of couple having a quiet moment

Close Up Of Couple Having A Quiet Moment

close up man making pour over coffee

Close Up Man Making Pour Over Coffee

shopper viewed through a mirror

Shopper Viewed Through A Mirror

striking white chicken portrait

Striking White Chicken Portrait

red poncho blue waterfall

Red Poncho Blue Waterfall

spanish moss hanging from a tree limb

Spanish Moss Hanging From A Tree Limb

a barbers hands trim a customers hair

A Barbers Hands Trim A Customers Hair

denim jeans and hawaiian shirts

Denim Jeans And Hawaiian Shirts

metal air conditioner grill

Metal Air Conditioner Grill

metalwork with blowtorch

Metalwork With Blowtorch

gnarly rhododendron tree

Gnarly Rhododendron Tree

portuguese street and tiled building

Portuguese Street And Tiled Building

placing groceries in the trunk of a car

Placing Groceries In The Trunk Of A Car

sparking metalwork

Sparking Metalwork

overcast day at an apple orchard

Overcast Day At An Apple Orchard

classy brown chicken

Classy Brown Chicken

gnarly tree bark

Gnarly Tree Bark

santa dips a cookie in a glass of milk

Santa Dips A Cookie In A Glass Of Milk