Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

waterfall rains down to the rocks below

Waterfall Rains Down To The Rocks Below

snowy antique car

Snowy Antique Car

metal stairwell behind glass windows

Metal Stairwell Behind Glass Windows

snow-covered circular streets

Snow-Covered Circular Streets

ring sizing loop

Ring Sizing Loop

man dressed as santa clutches sack

Dressed As Santa Clutches Sack

dropping river

Dropping River

rustic old barn in the winter snow

Rustic Old Barn In The Winter Snow



close up of riverbed

Close Up Of Riverbed

an expanse of city

An Expanse Of City

palm trees cluster in florida grove reach toward blue skies

Palm Trees Cluster In Florida Grove Reach Toward Blue Skies

white lily of the valley flower in shadows

White Lily Of The Valley Flower In Shadows

misty castle view

Misty Castle View

stairway to nowhere

Stairway To Nowhere

a stream cut dark shapes through the snow

A Stream Cut Dark Shapes Through The Snow

lime slices pile

Lime Slices Pile

steep rock face behind weathered trees

Steep Rock Face Behind Weathered Trees

s'up santa

S'up Santa

texture of brown hay and other grasses

Texture Of Brown Hay And Other Grasses

sign saying celebrate earth day

Sign Saying Celebrate Earth Day

aging hotel in old city

Aging Hotel In Old City

a hotel and nightclub on a street corner

A Hotel And Nightclub On A Street Corner

happy earth day to everyone

Happy Earth Day To Everyone

a cave gulps in icy water out the side of a cliff

A Cave Gulps In Icy Water Out The Side Of A Cliff

wheel of carnival

Wheel Of Carnival

mountains in the desert

Mountains In The Desert

towers of pena palace

Towers Of Pena Palace

worn wood texture close up

Worn Wood Texture Close Up

black chicken posing

Black Chicken Posing

santa's white gloves and red velvet suit

Santa's White Gloves And Red Velvet Suit

cookie and milk for santa

Cookie And Milk For Santa

golden statue on top of tower

Golden Statue On Top Of Tower

purple and white marbling abstract view

Purple And White Marbling Abstract View

striking white chicken portrait

Striking White Chicken Portrait

santa begins his journey

Santa Begins His Journey

santa checks his phone

Santa Checks His Phone

dry leafless tree branches heavy with fruit reach skyward

Dry Leafless Tree Branches Heavy With Fruit Reach Skyward

road runner plays hockey

Road Runner Plays Hockey

rustic snowy sign reads private keep out

Rustic Snowy Sign Reads Private Keep Out

clippers trim a mans beard

Clippers Trim A Mans Beard

chess board bathed in light creating shadows

Chess Board Bathed In Light Creating Shadows

large traffic intersection from above

Large Traffic Intersection From Above

wooden chess set bathed in warm window light

Wooden Chess Set Bathed In Warm Window Light

hands in handcuffs in a prison cell

Hands In Handcuffs In A Prison Cell

bright sneakers and dark denim atop urban stairwell

Bright Sneakers And Dark Denim Atop Urban Stairwell

a staircase emerges from between two buildings

A Staircase Emerges From Between Two buildings

aquamarine hot air balloon rises into puffy clouds

Aquamarine Hot Air Balloon Rises Into Puffy Clouds

text on typewriter states the future is now

Text On Typewriter States The Future Is Now

a hotel with night club on an urban street

A Hotel With Night Club On An Urban Street