Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5070 photos since February 2017

landscape photo of blue and white flower

Landscape Photo Of Blue And White Flower

junkyard car interior

Junkyard Car Interior

flash santa

Flash Santa

misty boat trip

Misty Boat Trip

a cluster of white flowers in a bed of green

A Cluster Of White Flowers In A Bed Of Green

friends under a mossy oak

Friends Under A Mossy Oak

vertical birds on waters edge

Vertical Birds On Waters Edge

thoughtful hen

Thoughtful Hen

pencils point to parings

Pencils Point To Parings

close up of couple having a quiet moment

Close Up Of Couple Having A Quiet Moment

icicles wall

Icicles Wall

silhouette cross

Silhouette Cross

dreaming of toronto

Dreaming Of Toronto

filing wood on a work bench

Filing Wood On A Work Bench

santa means business

Santa Means Business

towers of pena palace

Towers Of Pena Palace

misty castle view

Misty Castle View

a rusty weather-worn sign on a building

A Rusty Weather-Worn Sign On A Building

womens hand cutting metal surface

Womens Hand Cutting Metal Surface

trainers in front of red wall

Trainers In Front Of Red Wall

white and blue marbling abstract view

White And Blue Marbling Abstract View

placing groceries in the trunk of a car

Placing Groceries In The Trunk Of A Car

santa examines his naughty or nice list

Santa Examines His Naughty Or Nice List

waterfall into a crater

Waterfall Into A Crater

jeweler filing ring

Jeweler Filing Ring

desert cactus

Desert Cactus

the silvery white petals of a flower in darkness

The Silvery White Petals Of A Flower In Darkness

a female prisoner sits on her cell bed with head in hands

A Female Prisoner Sits On Her Cell Bed With Head In Hands

white waterfalls

White Waterfalls

passengers waiting for the train

Passengers Waiting For The Train

a stream cut dark shapes through the snow

A Stream Cut Dark Shapes Through The Snow

looking up at waterfall

Looking up at Waterfall

hands in handcuffs in a prison cell

Hands In Handcuffs In A Prison Cell

white speckled sneakers and dark denim beside brick wall

White Speckled Sneakers And Dark Denim Beside Brick Wall

rows of typewriter letters

Rows Of Typewriter Letters

jewelers saw frames working hands

Jewelers Saw Frames Working Hands

a cave gulps in icy water out the side of a cliff

A Cave Gulps In Icy Water Out The Side Of A Cliff

balcony fun at sunset

Balcony Fun At Sunset

barber wears a face mask while cutting hair

Barber Wears A Face Mask While Cutting Hair

jewelry buffing by hand

Jewelry Buffing By Hand

happy holiday message

Happy Holiday Message

golden statue on top of tower

Golden Statue On Top Of Tower

bright sneakers and dark denim atop urban stairwell

Bright Sneakers And Dark Denim Atop Urban Stairwell

leafless orange tree drooping with fruit in florida orchard

Leafless Orange Tree Drooping With Fruit In Florida Orchard

packing away some healthy greens

Packing Away Some Healthy Greens

toronto nightscape

Toronto Nightscape

where is tree waldo

Where Is Tree Waldo

beige trainers in front of red wall

Beige Trainers In Front Of Red Wall

person relaxing reading a large coffee table book

Person Relaxing Reading A Large Coffee Table Book

do you have a message for santa

Do You Have A Message For Santa