Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Dirt Laid Parking Lot | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 4937 photos since February 2017

highly decorated old buildings

Highly Decorated Old Buildings

strawberry picking over

Strawberry Picking Over

isolated island home from home

Isolated Island Home From Home

two people exchange groceries at curbside

Two People Exchange Groceries At Curbside

an illuminated red flower

An Illuminated Red Flower

filing a ring

Filing A Ring

ring sizing loop

Ring Sizing Loop

pine tree top close up

Pine Tree Top Close Up

a mortician pulls a blanket over the feet of a corpse

A Mortician Pulls A Blanket Over The Feet Of A Corpse

black chicken posing

Black Chicken Posing

flash santa

Flash Santa

young couple laugh together with a coffee

Young Couple Laugh Together With A Coffee

landscape dry rough rock face texture

Landscape Dry Rough Rock Face Texture

santa means business

Santa Means Business

swan feeding on black water

Swan Feeding On Black Water

filing a purple ring

Filing A Purple Ring

drones view of city sprawl of lisbon portugal

Drones View Of City Sprawl Of Lisbon Portugal

the long commute

The Long Commute

portrait of man with plant

Portrait Of Man With Plant

waterfall spills over jagged rock face

Waterfall Spills Over Jagged Rock Face

packing away some healthy greens

Packing Away Some Healthy Greens

heating metal ring

Heating Metal Ring

sitting santa

Sitting Santa

close up of barber cutting hair with clippers

Close Up Of Barber Cutting Hair With Clippers

coffee on a patio with face masks

Coffee On A Patio With Face Masks

close up of black lives matter lettering

Close Up Of Black Lives Matter Lettering

red brick building with vines

Red Brick Building With Vines

mountain peaks and blue sky

Mountain Peaks And Blue Sky

christmas decorations in the dark

Christmas Decorations In The Dark

election on a typewriter machine

Election On A Typewriter Machine

angled view of typewriter with black lives matter

Angled View Of Typewriter With Black Lives Matter

white lily of the valley flower in shadows

White Lily Of The Valley Flower In Shadows

portrait view of white bouquet

Portrait View Of White Bouquet

macro image of cake sprinkles

Macro Image Of Cake Sprinkles

don't panic in wooden letters

Don't Panic In Wooden Letters

dark river through bright forest

Dark River Through Bright Forest

choose your own adventure santa

Choose Your Own Adventure Santa

a man pushes a body on a tray into the freezer in the morgue

A Man Pushes A Body On A Tray Into The Freezer In The Morgue

pouring coffee in a bright white kitchen

Pouring Coffee In A Bright White Kitchen

forest as far as the eye can see

Forest As Far As The Eye Can See

frozen valley

Frozen Valley

smiling man holds cup of tea

Smiling Man Holds Cup Of Tea

portrait aerial view car driving through forest

Portrait Aerial View Car Driving Through Forest

couple share a glance at each other

Couple Share A Glance At Each Other

birds eye view of a boat yard

Birds Eye View Of A Boat Yard

santa checks his phone

Santa Checks His Phone

man with folded arms poses for camera

Man With Folded Arms Poses For Camera

shopper in clothing store browsing merchandise

Shopper In Clothing Store Browsing Merchandise

white chicken in a brood

White Chicken In A Brood

s'up santa

S'up Santa