Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

person holds silver baking tray filled with baked oranges

Person Holds Silver Baking Tray Filled With Baked Oranges

sliver of an island

Sliver Of An Island

round underground streetcar stop

Round Underground Streetcar Stop

dark island

Dark Island

how fairytales begin

How Fairytales Begin

golden statue on top of tower

Golden Statue On Top Of Tower

model in black and orange sneakers perched atop stairs

Model In Black And Orange Sneakers Perched Atop Stairs

hands gingerly hold human skull

Hands Gingerly Hold Human Skull

close-up of handheld tools

Close-up Of Handheld Tools

hanging out with friends on the beach

Hanging Out With Friends On The Beach

elevator on city tower

Elevator On City Tower

concrete industrial walls

Concrete Industrial Walls

water treatment plant from above

Water Treatment Plant From Above

boating adventures with friends

Boating Adventures With Friends

man holds out carving knife

Man Holds Out Carving Knife

cascading waterfall flowing over slate in mossy forest

Cascading Waterfall Flowing Over Slate In Mossy Forest

foggy marina

Foggy Marina

dreaming of toronto

Dreaming Of Toronto

groups of icicles hang from a trees branches

Groups Of Icicles Hang From A Trees Branches

wedding ring buffing and shaping

Wedding Ring Buffing And Shaping

an illuminated red flower

An Illuminated Red Flower

flamingo in the jungle

Flamingo In The Jungle

human skull into the light

Human Skull Into The Light

fisherman looks towards shore

Fisherman Looks Towards Shore

close up white lily of the valley flower

Close Up White Lily Of The Valley Flower

linear bridge in fog

Linear Bridge In Fog

black and orange butterfly sitting on side of rocks

Black And Orange Butterfly Sitting On Side Of Rocks

a field of fans

A Field Of Fans

bfcm typed on white paper

BFCM Typed On White Paper

a rocky plateau curves around a little bay

A Rocky Plateau Curves Around A Little Bay

niagra fall lower viewing platform

Niagra Fall Lower Viewing Platform

close up of caution tape surrounding a park

Close Up Of Caution Tape Surrounding A Park

white shoes holding small pride flag

White Shoes Holding Small Pride Flag

broken stem in dry field

Broken Stem In Dry Field

lily petal close up

Lily Petal Close Up

heating metal ring

Heating Metal Ring

aging number keypad

Aging Number Keypad

decorations face the light

Decorations Face The Light

white flower with folded petals on blue background

White Flower With Folded Petals On Blue Background

hands grip a human skull

Hands Grip A Human Skull

a row of birds on the waters edge

A Row Of Birds On The Waters Edge

santa taking time

Santa Taking Time

purple and blue

Purple And Blue

flash santa

Flash Santa

water tower looking over the landscape

Water Tower Looking Over the Landscape

down on the corner

Down On The Corner

lilies in a vase

Lilies In A Vase

daytime moon and rocks

Daytime Moon And Rocks

model sitting quietly on cement wall to check their phone

Model Sitting Quietly On Cement Wall To Check Their Phone

metalwork with blowtorch

Metalwork With Blowtorch