Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Dirt Laid Parking Lot | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 4981 photos since February 2017

spying on a castle

Spying On A Castle

stone castle on rocky hill

Stone Castle On Rocky Hill

shoreline meets trees in fall colors

Shoreline Meets Trees In Fall Colors

top down view pour over coffee

Top Down View Pour Over Coffee

young woman enjoying a book in the sun

Young Woman Enjoying A Book In The Sun

shopper browses clothes store in face mask

Shopper Browses Clothes Store In Face Mask

coffee and a chat with face masks

Coffee And A Chat With Face Masks

aging number keypad

Aging Number Keypad

toronto cityscape

Toronto Cityscape

a long rock plateau reaches out into the cold grey sea

A Long Rock Plateau Reaches Out Into The Cold Grey Sea

women sits in bed with laptop and coffee

Women Sits In Bed With Laptop And Coffee

a lighthouse watches over a rocky coastline

A Lighthouse Watches Over A Rocky Coastline

graffitied balconies

Graffitied Balconies

apartment balconies

Apartment Balconies

red poncho blue waterfall

Red Poncho Blue Waterfall

the faint shape of a prisoner behind black prison bars

The Faint Shape Of A Prisoner Behind Black Prison Bars

spanish moss hanging from a tree limb

Spanish Moss Hanging From A Tree Limb

woman replaces fine saw blade

Woman Replaces Fine Saw Blade

single candle on birthday cake

Single Candle On Birthday Cake

model in spring style longline jacket and pastel blazer

Model In Spring Style Longline Jacket And Pastel Blazer

grumpy-looking chicken

Grumpy-Looking Chicken

santa celebrates!

Santa Celebrates!

santa holds his belt

Santa Holds His Belt

parallel green lines

Parallel Green Lines

pile of screws

Pile Of Screws

santa pulls cap

Santa Pulls Cap

carved marble statues perched atop building

Carved Marble Statues Perched Atop Building

niagra fall lower viewing platform

Niagra Fall Lower Viewing Platform

coloring pencils and shavings

Coloring Pencils And Shavings

closed roadside sign

Closed Roadside Sign

a group of statues on the edge of white stone building

A Group Of Statues On The Edge Of White Stone Building

a staircase emerges from between two buildings

A Staircase Emerges From Between Two buildings

monochrome cascading waterfall

Monochrome Cascading Waterfall

winter log pile

Winter Log Pile

santa checks his phone

Santa Checks His Phone

silhouette cross

Silhouette Cross

rubber duckies

Rubber Duckies

glittery hand in happy new year ribbon

Glittery Hand In Happy New Year Ribbon

close up portrait of woman looking out

Close Up Portrait Of Woman Looking Out

man with beard looks out of window

Man With Beard Looks Out Of Window

portrait of typewriter with black lives matter

Portrait Of Typewriter With Black Lives Matter

womans hand liting birthday candles

Womans Hand Liting Birthday Candles

vintage camera in babbling brook

Vintage Camera In Babbling Brook

virus a typewritten word

Virus A Typewritten Word

dropped strawberries

Dropped Strawberries

monochrome 2021 flat lay

Monochrome 2021 Flat Lay

a store employee packing up groceries

A Store Employee Packing Up Groceries

summer fashion at a coffee shop

Summer Fashion At A Coffee Shop

temporarily closed sign on store front

Temporarily Closed Sign On Store Front

scrubby desert hillside

Scrubby Desert Hillside