Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Dirt Laid Parking Lot | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 4729 photos since February 2017

bouquet of white blossomed flowers

Bouquet Of White Blossomed Flowers

a brussels griffon protects laundry

A Brussels Griffon Protects Laundry

flash santa

Flash Santa

woman looks directly into camera

Woman Looks Directly Into Camera

heating metal ring

Heating Metal Ring

artistic chicken portrait

Artistic Chicken Portrait

small building on pier

Small Building On Pier

construction on pier

Construction On Pier

santa examines his naughty or nice list

Santa Examines His Naughty Or Nice List

an illuminated red flower

An Illuminated Red Flower

election on a typewriter machine

Election On A Typewriter Machine

portrait of typewriter with black lives matter

Portrait Of Typewriter With Black Lives Matter

jewelers saw frames working hands

Jewelers Saw Frames Working Hands

vintage camera in babbling brook

Vintage Camera In Babbling Brook

bristle brushes in stand

Bristle Brushes In Stand

white chicken in a brood

White Chicken In A Brood

christmas trees for sale

Christmas Trees For Sale

close up of christmas decorations

Close Up Of Christmas Decorations

checking his list twice

Checking His List Twice

elevador de santa justa in lisbon portugal

Elevador De Santa Justa In Lisbon Portugal

palace tourists

Palace Tourists

puzzle pieces on a black background

Puzzle Pieces On A Black Background

lush green hedges surround carved marble stairs and statues

Lush Green Hedges Surround Carved Marble Stairs And Statues

$ typed on typewriter

$ Typed On Typewriter

text on typewriter states winter is coming

Text On Typewriter States Winter Is Coming

a coping saw and work bench

A Coping Saw And Work Bench

make it with fire!

Make It With Fire!

row of saws

Row Of Saws

mitts and pine tree

Mitts And Pine Tree

american football stadium

American Football Stadium

woman wearing purple

Woman Wearing Purple

heating ball of metal

Heating Ball Of Metal

wedding ring buffing and shaping

Wedding Ring Buffing And Shaping

young one meets santa claus

Young one Meets Santa Claus

pine tree top

Pine Tree Top

politics on a typewriter machine

Politics On A Typewriter Machine

white lily of the valley flower in shadows

White Lily Of The Valley Flower In Shadows

candles lit on chocolate cake

Candles Lit On Chocolate Cake

laid down brussels griffon

Laid Down Brussels Griffon

close up of water droplets

Close Up Of Water Droplets

broody chickens

Broody Chickens

picking the perfect pine

Picking The Perfect Pine

portrait view of white bouquet

Portrait View Of White Bouquet

metalwork with blowtorch

Metalwork With Blowtorch

santa smiles

Santa Smiles

groups of icicles hang from a trees branches

Groups Of Icicles Hang From A Trees Branches

typed text says 'politics'

Typed Text Says 'Politics'

text on typewriter states 'time's up'

Text On Typewriter States 'Time's Up'

temporarily closed sign on store front

Temporarily Closed Sign On Store Front

woman wearing headscarf

Woman Wearing Headscarf