Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

niagra fall lower viewing platform

Niagra Fall Lower Viewing Platform

hockey player catching their breath on the ice

Hockey Player Catching Their Breath On The Ice

s'up santa

S'up Santa

close up of tree bark

Close Up Of Tree Bark

white flower with folded petals on blue background

White Flower With Folded Petals On Blue Background

close detailed view of white petals

Close Detailed View Of White Petals

aging number keypad

Aging Number Keypad

striking white chicken portrait

Striking White Chicken Portrait

tying laces on steps

Tying Laces On Steps

daytime moon and rocks

Daytime Moon And Rocks

white falling water

White Falling Water

pistachio nuts macro

Pistachio Nuts Macro

santa checks his phone

Santa Checks His Phone



wide photo of birds lined up on pier

Wide Photo Of Birds Lined Up On Pier

buckle up!

Buckle Up!

waterfall spills over jagged rock face

Waterfall Spills Over Jagged Rock Face

linear bridge in fog

Linear Bridge In Fog

person celebrating earth day

Person Celebrating Earth Day

fairground from the sky

Fairground From The Sky

komodo dragon straight on

Komodo Dragon Straight On

model sitting quietly on cement wall to check their phone

Model Sitting Quietly On Cement Wall To Check Their Phone

the singing tower in bok tower gardens florida

The Singing Tower in Bok Tower Gardens Florida

hands grip a human skull

Hands Grip A Human Skull

lemon on yellow

Lemon On Yellow

vertical birds on waters edge

Vertical Birds On Waters Edge

santa day-dreams

Santa Day-dreams

how great stories start

How Great Stories Start

waterfall over ice

Waterfall Over Ice

seeking strawberries

Seeking Strawberries

sunset illuminates an empty hospital bed

Sunset Illuminates An Empty Hospital Bed

two camel bums

Two Camel Bums

foamy waves claw at the base of a cliff

Foamy Waves Claw At The Base Of A Cliff

rusting freighter on icy sea

Rusting Freighter On Icy Sea

customer getting fade at barbershop

Customer Getting Fade At Barbershop

singular air conditioner unit

Singular Air Conditioner Unit

line of pencil shavings on black

Line Of Pencil Shavings On Black

down on the corner

Down On The Corner

pumpkin picker wheelbarrow

Pumpkin Picker Wheelbarrow

sign saying celebrate earth day

Sign Saying Celebrate Earth Day

junkyard car interior

Junkyard Car Interior

bridge over frozen waters

Bridge Over Frozen Waters

sitting on ladder wearing sneakers

Sitting On Ladder Wearing Sneakers

fierce chicken gazes at camera

Fierce Chicken Gazes At Camera

young woman stands in front of an industrial window

Young Woman Stands In Front Of An Industrial Window

person fly fishing viewed from above

Person Fly Fishing Viewed From Above

coffee on a typewriter machine

Coffee On A Typewriter Machine

water tower looking over the landscape

Water Tower Looking Over the Landscape

ariel view of ice formations along the water

Ariel View Of Ice Formations Along The Water

deep blue sky and mountains

Deep Blue Sky And Mountains