Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5070 photos since February 2017

overhead view of waterfall in autumnal forest

Overhead View Of Waterfall In Autumnal Forest

orange sunset over city landscape

Orange Sunset Over City Landscape

prisoner holds cell bars tightly

Prisoner Holds Cell Bars Tightly

a look up to a brick building

A Look Up To A Brick Building

fallen trees over river

Fallen Trees Over River

seeking strawberries

Seeking Strawberries

small evergreen trees in arid forest

Small Evergreen Trees In Arid Forest

using a rotary tool on jewelry

Using a Rotary Tool On Jewelry

mellow mallard

Mellow Mallard

natural chaos

Natural Chaos

water falls to falls

Water Falls To Falls

a rusty iron staircase ascends an iron building

A Rusty Iron Staircase Ascends An Iron Building

2021 in close up detail

2021 In Close Up Detail

textured white plywood

Textured White Plywood

rubber duckies

Rubber Duckies

river meanders

River Meanders

orange leaves on murky water

Orange Leaves On Murky Water

person sits cross legged reading a large book

Person Sits Cross Legged Reading A Large Book

customer getting hair trimmed

Customer Getting Hair Trimmed

close up of puppy nose

Close Up Of Puppy Nose

close up of red flower on green

Close Up Of Red Flower On Green

a big stone outcrop stands apart from cliffs in the grey sea

A Big Stone Outcrop Stands Apart From Cliffs In The Grey Sea

school bus parking lot

School Bus Parking Lot

cluster of white flowers on a branch

Cluster of White Flowers On A Branch

fisherman stands in the rushing river

Fisherman Stands In The Rushing River

dusty pink colored rose

Dusty Pink Colored Rose

woman displays strawberries

Woman Displays Strawberries

model in green sneakers and black denim leaning on wall

Model In Green Sneakers And Black Denim Leaning On Wall

small puppy plays in a fresh winter snowfall

Small Puppy Plays In A Fresh Winter Snowfall

close-up of handheld tools

Close-up Of Handheld Tools

santa forgets his beard

Santa Forgets his Beard

pencil shavings on white

Pencil Shavings On White

water treatment plant from above

Water Treatment Plant From Above

emoji faces on a screen

Emoji Faces On A Screen

molten metal drop on bed of ash

Molten Metal Drop On Bed Of Ash

seasons in a forest

Seasons In A Forest

yay santa!

Yay Santa!

mist covered waterfall

Mist Covered Waterfall

prisoner grips cell bars

Prisoner Grips Cell Bars

person holds an interior design book on their lap

Person Holds An Interior Design Book On Their Lap

photo of a small brussels griffon puppy dog

Photo Of A Small Brussels Griffon Puppy Dog

wheel of carnival

Wheel Of Carnival

paws on a fluffy white blanket

Paws On A Fluffy White Blanket

tunnel opens out to waterfall

Tunnel Opens Out To Waterfall

wedding ring buffing and shaping

Wedding Ring Buffing And Shaping

jewelers work desk

Jewelers Work Desk

frozen falls

Frozen Falls

santa holds his bag of toys

Santa Holds His Bag Of Toys

dropping river

Dropping River

a rusty iron staircase in an industrial complex

A Rusty iron Staircase In An Industrial Complex