Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5070 photos since February 2017

how great stories start

How Great Stories Start

cement silo tower

Cement Silo Tower

photo of a small brussels griffon puppy dog

Photo Of A Small Brussels Griffon Puppy Dog

jewelers work desk

Jewelers Work Desk

ice meets water

Ice Meets Water

thoughtful hen

Thoughtful Hen

young one meets santa claus

Young one Meets Santa Claus

decorations face the light

Decorations Face The Light

iron grey council blocks against a metallic sky

Iron Grey Council Blocks Against A Metallic Sky

telling santa

Telling Santa

christmas trees for sale

Christmas Trees For Sale

two hands in handcuffs lean on bars of a prison cell

Two Hands In Handcuffs Lean On Bars Of A Prison Cell

the tools for hockey

The Tools For Hockey

green round buds macro

Green Round Buds Macro

molten metal drop on bed of ash

Molten Metal Drop On Bed Of Ash

secretly looking at a castle

Secretly Looking At A Castle

tiled desolation

Tiled Desolation

lily pads floating on top of florida park pond

Lily Pads Floating On Top Of Florida Park Pond

a close up of a woman leaning into a window

A Close Up Of A Woman Leaning Into A Window

hockey is more than a sport

Hockey Is More Than A Sport

dusty insect shell

Dusty Insect Shell

birds eye view of a fisherman standing in the river

Birds Eye View Of A Fisherman Standing In The River

dapper man in patterned dress shirt

Dapper Man In Patterned Dress Shirt

close up white lily of the valley flower

Close Up White Lily Of The Valley Flower

foamy waves claw at the base of a cliff

Foamy Waves Claw At The Base Of A Cliff

teal hot air balloon floats up into white puffy clouds

Teal Hot Air Balloon Floats Up Into White Puffy Clouds

filing a ring

Filing A Ring

typed text says 'work'

Typed Text Says 'Work'

women rests her head on a mans shoulder

Women Rests Her Head On A Mans Shoulder

shaping a ring with fire

Shaping A Ring With Fire

election on a typewriter machine

Election On A Typewriter Machine

overhead view of waterfall in autumnal forest

Overhead View Of Waterfall In Autumnal Forest

line of pencil shavings on black

Line Of Pencil Shavings On Black

straws in metal holder

Straws In Metal Holder

white waterfalls

White Waterfalls

metal container with straws

Metal Container With Straws

abstract image of purple and blue marbling color

Abstract Image Of Purple And Blue Marbling Color

santa forgets his beard

Santa Forgets his Beard

looking up at waterfall

Looking up at Waterfall

bright bold fashion sneakers held delicately between fingers

Bright Bold Fashion Sneakers Held Delicately Between Fingers

a rocky plateau curves around a little bay

A Rocky Plateau Curves Around A Little Bay

palms trees reach for the sky

Palms Trees Reach For The Sky

a close up of a 2021 planner

A Close Up Of A 2021 Planner

jewelers saw frames working hands

Jewelers Saw Frames Working Hands

desert cactus

Desert Cactus

typewriter paper roller

Typewriter Paper Roller

confetti hands holding new year message

Confetti Hands Holding New Year Message

monochrome 2021 flat lay

Monochrome 2021 Flat Lay

locks on the metal fence

Locks On The Metal Fence