Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Dirt Laid Parking Lot | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 4981 photos since February 2017

smiling santa

Smiling Santa

single light on in building

Single Light On In Building

urban shoreline

Urban Shoreline

large traffic intersection from above

Large Traffic Intersection From Above

tangled branches of orange trees laden with fruit

Tangled Branches Of Orange Trees Laden With Fruit

young woman stands at front of her retail store

Young Woman Stands At Front Of Her Retail Store

happy new year disco ball

Happy New Year Disco Ball

stacked fire wood in pattern

Stacked Fire Wood In Pattern

close up of barber cutting hair with clippers

Close Up Of Barber Cutting Hair With Clippers

cookie and milk for santa

Cookie And Milk For Santa

ornate stone building

Ornate Stone Building

rocky cliffs roll back from the cold grey sea

Rocky Cliffs Roll Back From The Cold Grey Sea

grey iron staircase between two buildings

Grey Iron Staircase Between Two Buildings

close pespective of detailed flower

Close Pespective Of Detailed Flower

desert plant life

Desert Plant Life

typewrite says back to school

Typewrite Says Back To School

aerial view of swimming pool and waterslides from drone

Aerial View Of Swimming Pool And Waterslides From Drone

a large stretch of city scape

A Large Stretch Of City Scape

fallen maple leaves

Fallen Maple Leaves

the dark carnival

The Dark Carnival

close up of the year 2021 in black ink

Close Up Of The Year 2021 In Black Ink

sprinkles on a chocolate cake with plate

Sprinkles On A Chocolate Cake With Plate

wall-mounted water fountain

Wall-mounted Water Fountain

a woman in a red jacket inspects her phone on a balcony

A Woman In A Red Jacket Inspects Her Phone On A Balcony

sitting on a ladder

Sitting On A Ladder

dry bare branches of orange tree weighed down with fruit

Dry Bare Branches Of Orange Tree Weighed Down With Fruit

overhead view of a florida orange grove loaded with fruit

Overhead View Of A Florida Orange Grove Loaded With Fruit

2021 in close up detail

2021 In Close Up Detail

man picks up his order from a local shop

Man Picks Up His Order From A Local Shop

store owner places face mask over her face

Store Owner Places Face Mask Over Her Face

fashion model wears a stylish spring jacket

Fashion Model Wears A Stylish Spring Jacket

juarez cityscape

Juarez Cityscape

s'up santa

S'up Santa

ferris wheel at dusk

Ferris Wheel At Dusk

floating observation deck

Floating Observation Deck

teal sky peeking through moss covered branches

Teal Sky Peeking Through Moss Covered Branches

bearded man looks out of frame

Bearded Man Looks Out Of Frame

man grabs a quick coffee to go

Man Grabs A Quick Coffee To Go

woman kicks back with book and coffee

Woman Kicks Back With Book And Coffee

a birds eye view of a city

A Birds Eye View Of A City

coffee on a typewriter machine

Coffee On A Typewriter Machine

sale on typewriter !

Sale On Typewriter !

stone castle on rocky hill

Stone Castle On Rocky Hill

man with folded arms poses for camera

Man With Folded Arms Poses For Camera

young woman enjoying a book in the sun

Young Woman Enjoying A Book In The Sun

coffee and a chat with face masks

Coffee And A Chat With Face Masks

toronto cityscape

Toronto Cityscape

spying on a castle

Spying On A Castle

a long rock plateau reaches out into the cold grey sea

A Long Rock Plateau Reaches Out Into The Cold Grey Sea

city street in portugal

City Street In Portugal